The weight of expectation:

Time: 1:20 am
Place: In my bed wrapped in my quilt
Mood: Little sad
My plan for a movie with a friend of mine is cancelled. I am feeling bad. Is it the first time that this has happened? The answer is NO...but still feeling bad...why?
And yes, it’s not about the movie.
To find out the reason about the “heartbroken feeling”, I have changed my plan and instead of cribbing on it I have decided to hit the road and go to some place where I hope to find some solace and of course my answer.

Time: 4:15 am
Place: Sitting on the edge of my bed...trying to find where I kept my slippers :-P
Mood: Thoughtful...but still sad
Still thinking where to go...hmmmm...No no no...Please no more “Battery low”. Got to charge my phone and yes I have decided about my destination.

Time: 6:43 am
Place: Unknown...GPS working but I am not willing to tell
Mood: Fresh but thoughtful...feeling sad that fuel tank is nearly empty :-P
Oops...forgot to think about “why I am here?”
Why we feel sad on issues which are so pity?
Why a promise broken hurts you; even if this has happened before too?
Why if someone stops talking to you and ignore you, you feel lonely?
Why you feel dejected when you score less marks in your semester; even if you know you were not prepared that much?
Why if someone doesn’t reply to your message even if “Last seen” has changed, you feel sad? (I remember this meme from FB) :-P
There are so many “WHYs” in our life, in my life. Every above question has a root cause.
Someone hurts your feelings, you feel bad.
Someone breaks the promise, you feel bad.
Someone doesn’t reply when you thought he or she would, you feel bad.
You score low marks then others you feel bad for yourself.
The root cause is “EXPECTATION”. You expect so much from so many people. You expect so much from yourself. Your parents expect so much from you. Your partner expects so much from you.

...And then you feel to break free as I thought today.

But, is it the best solution to this problem?
You simply stop expecting from everyone including yourself?

Time, place and mood: Doesn’t matter now
What matters is the solution for this problem and I leave it to you...THINK
As I say-A thought lost is a change lost....

DISCLAIMER: Sorry for haphazard writing and zero fluency. This time the problem itself was quite haphazard. Never gave a second thought to read what I have written. Just wrote what came in my mind. So, bear with me.

SPECIAL THANKS:  To my phone’s battery which didn’t ditch me and “S-memo” for being the perfect notepad for my thoughts. :-P


  1. Nice n very true..

    1. Thanks for giving a shot to this article..I hope you continue to read..
      Though can I know what do you feel about this issue?

  2. Replies
    1. Thabks brother :-)
      Vaise what you think about this issue?

  3. Truth of life

    1. Thanks for reading and saying what you felt in limited words..its an amazing art though :D


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