The hanging garden:

“I, baby number 22/39 of St. Stephen Hospital’s ward number 49 have taken birth to do something big in my life” I could have thought while lying in the cradle, waiting for the nurse to “deliver” me to my mom.

Everyone in his or her life believes in the fact that that person is on the earth to make it large and to be better than the best, I was no exception. The one who does not believe in oneself can’t achieve anything in life. There lies a motive behind every move you make, every option you think about and every product you can extract out from that very move of yours.

After spending 14 years in school, taking non medical in 11th and then getting into a good engineering college, what is that one thing which is I have done differently. The answer is nothing except accepting this very own fact.

Is acceptance of anything makes a difference?

Answer is Yes, at least we are now knowing that where we are and how much ground we have to cover to achieve something big. Life is full of mediocre attempts to fulfil our present need and suffice our appetite for happiness. But, mediocrity can be lethal for your performance, your life style and the people surrounding you, the one who expect greater good from you.

What stops us from doing something big?

Is there someone who is holding you back?

Is it the fear of losing someone closer to us? Is it the fear that on the path of greater good, people will fall back? Is the fear that what you have chosen to do will not be accepted? Or is it the fear taking the first step towards your goal?

For some their partner is the sole motive of change. For some the people who fall back, becomes the reason of progressive success. For some the non acceptance of the idea becomes the sole motive to achieve that and to prove people wrong. But first step has to be taken and to think about the result before the labour is not acceptable.  

I fear from every above question and hence I think, I failed to do something differently. But, have you achieved everything you ever desired?

The girl you wanted to date, the villa you always aspired to own, the Rolls Royce which stood parallel to your car on a red light, The support you always thought you will get from your partner, the love from the people you love, the cabin and the position you always wanted to get, the business idea for which you needed an investment for, the goodwill for the people in need, the social work, the world tour, desire to act in a movie, getting six pack abs, completing every degree you thought about, playing for men in blue, forming your own band and many more.

Everyone can’t be next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Narayan Murthy, Ratan Tata and Dhirubhai Ambani. 

But you can be first YOU, for yourself at least. Think about it...

As I say- A chance lost is a change lost...


  1. Really good man. I got goosebumps while reading this. During your exam time, this is best that you can get to read.

    Special Attention- R.I.P Khushwant Singh (one of finest writers of Indian origin).

    1. Thanks brother for your appreciation and All thee best for the upcoming exam
      Yes I also wish that he RIP (Though this is the only prominent writer that is missing from my shelf)

  2. Well thought and nicely presented, captures the dilemma every student goes through sooner or later.
    You are simply ahead of the time for such a topic yet you have to discover more, continue writing.........
    Waiting to see more :-)

    1. Thanks for admiring my effort and will surely try to "feed you more" :D
      But it will be really nice if you put your name with your comment..It feels nice to connect with people with their name :)


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