The symphony of success

Following the routine custom of school days, I was enjoying the love and warmth of a backbench.The melodrama happening in front of my eyes was exuberant and heart filling. I was fanatically absorbing the symposium going on and the articulate nature of competitors was worth "glorifying".

As usual, my mind which cannot see me as a solitary person was banging me hard with a new thought, rather the thought wasn't new for me, it had already  assailed me millions of time before- "The mantra of success".

Still an hour to go for my "NUKKAD NATAK", I decided to listen to my mind once,who was already busy searching facts and figures about prerequisites of success in its own local search engine.

I apprehended that the probability of success amplifies with the limpidity of goal and alchemist approach towards morality.

It is must to accentuate the wavelength of you and your work and resonate it in a soothing symphony.The hymn of success is amalgamated mixture of luck and hard work with a hint of opportunity, which you have to grasp in one go.

Although I was enjoying the knowledge that my mind had stored for me and off course you, but as we say every good thing has to end one day, the time had come for this topic also. The time had come to perform my street play, so got ready and rushed towards the stage to "act".... 


  1. success might lie in the amalgamated mixtures man but what lies at the core depth of every suceess story is an extraordinary philosophy and never ending zeal and persistence.

  2. @Abattoir zone
    Ya your are right zeal and introspection of what you have achieved what is left to gain is the core mantle of success.
    I completely agree with you


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