Murder Mystery-Chapter 7:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
Previously on Murder Mystery- Mishra Ji gets the report of Samaera's murder-Chapter-06


A press conference was lined up for Sahil of Samaera Enterprise, which was renamed by Sahil from Kapoor Enterprise after he had married the elder daughter of one of the most powerful business tycoon of India-the Shah. Vinit Shah was a big name in the textile industry and after his demise, it was his daughters Samaera and Sanjana, both Harvard graduates, who were filling their dad’s shoes.

“Mr Kapoor sorry for your wife’s demise. But, what is your after thoughts after she is gone?” asked a reporter. Since the flashes continuously popped up and the camcorder light was too glaring; Sahil was not able to see anyone’s face.

“Listen, I am here for business, not for any personal chit chat. I am in a very tight position right now, both personally and professionally and hence will request you and everyone sitting here to stick to the plan.” Sahil sounded emotional and tensed.
Sahil stood up and went to the podium. First time in sixteen years, his body language looked saggy and defeated. It felt that age, work and personal loss has started taking a toll on his body.

“I am here to declare very important news. It has been my pleasure to start and take my company, Samaera Enterprise, from zero to a company which has ruled the market in the last one and a half decade. It was started as a dream to empower India and its citizen to build everything from scratch in India and we have delivered everything which we promised till now. But, the last one year has been tough for the company, our company. We have made lots of loss and have lost seven major projects in recent time, which was a big blow for our company. I believe that it is time for me to step down and let my stakeholder decide who will run this company in future. Till the new MD is not decided, I will be handling the reign. Even my wife wanted me to retire and spend some time with her. Unfortunately, I don’t have her now neither I will be having my this grownup child in future. Thanks for listening to me.” And he left from the back gate as soon as he finished his speech.

There was a complete silence in the auditorium. It was a big blow to the corporate world and the manufacturing industry, the heartthrob of Indian industry was stepping down and Samaera Enterprises was going to dogs.

Ratan had an evil smile on his face as if he got the revenge was his friend’s murder. He was elated and felt like celebrating this moment with a glass of champagne. He moved towards the bar of the very same hotel where the conference was held. While ordering his favourite champagne, his phone beeped.

Congrats Jaan. We got what we wanted. J

He just smiled and sipped his champagne.


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