Intellects should die because droughts don’t lie:

Children waiting for rain to come....
I read somewhere that India got a rare opportunity to have a gravitational wave detector, which was discussed in an astrophysics meet which happened in Utah, USA. It’s a moment of proud of the “literate” Indian citizen and once complete this feat will be comparable to ISRO’s Mars Mission.

But, one can’t keep away from the situation which has become a norm in Maharashtra and other parts of India, where drought is like a guest, which comes untimely but never leaves and its take such a toll on the “budget” of the family that people start committing suicide or are killed because of heat stroke, when they try to fetch water for themselves from far off places.

It’s a shame for a country which calls itself a republic and is ranked third biggest economy of the world. It’s a shame for a country whose Prime Minister is bringing a lot of currency to develop India and whose cash rich cricket league is the most watched entertainment item in the cricket loving world. It’s a shame for a country where fights happen on intolerance, beef and anti-nationalism, but tolerates the deaths of hundreds of farmers who die every year either by debt, drought or damage to the crop.

India has a very beautiful education system with no flaws.  We create a hell lot of post graduates and doctorates in the different field, I guess, more than any other country in the world. Our tax payer’s money is utilised to give them grants and they enjoy these grants by travelling in flights, buying iPhones and going anti-national. Our country’s students are getting more involved in country politics rather than thinking about what they have been given grants for-Education. Instead of researching on how India’s environmental condition can be improved, they concentrate on which flag to wave between India-Pakistan cricket match. They are said to be intellect class of our society and seen with lots of respect and awe. They are the future scientists who will rule world’s science stage. But, they should pick up the pen, the books, the computers, the data and should put their head down and start thinking how the condition of droughts can be improved, how the water irrigation can be improved, how water table should be improved, how the farmer’s life can be improved.

It's time Indian intellect society takes a step forward for India and starts changing it first before they dream of changing the world. Money won’t buy these things, your research, your hard work and your inputs will. I admit it’s easy to write these things, sitting under an AC, but, we are also helping in a way to give you a chance to come up and make India a better place. Please #DiscoverNewInYouand #MakeItHappen #OurCountryOurResponsibility


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