Murder Mystery-Chapter 4:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
The AC was on full blast while the room was chill; the conversation happening inside the conference room was heated. The expansion plan looked like failing and the stock price was coming down. Sahil was a worried man.

It was speculated that Sahil was behind his wife’s murder, due to her adulterated relationship with Ratan. Though he denied, the media sentiments were hurting his business sentiments. He tried explaining things to the stakeholders but they were skeptical.

Secretary came rushing in towards Sahil; while he was still busy explaining the projections to the stakeholder.

“It’s better be important otherwise, will send you where my wife is.” he was clearly frantic.

She ignored his comment and came running and whispered something in his ears. She was an eye candy hired just to keep clients and stakeholder busy when things were not going right, a strategic placement of a “commodity”.

“Excuse me gentlemen, I have got something really important to handle. Apparently, if you think we can work on the plan and you are ready to support, we have something in our hand. Believe in me and will walk you through this troubled situation.” He left without even waiting for a response from eleven people sitting in that room.

He was tensed. ‘Was I correct when I took that decision?’ he thought and then let that thought pass.


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