Murder Mystery-Chapter 3:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
The doctors were busy putting cuts on the body of Samaera. The reporters were anxiously waiting outside to get even the smallest bit of information that could help them get their newspaper or channel the required viewership.

Ratan eyes were fixed on the small window, through which he could see everything that doctors were doing with the dead body of his friend. He had tears in his eyes and duty in front to get the news to his newspaper chief editor. It was as difficult for him as for a doctor who has to operate his own family member.

There was some discussion going on inside the post mortem chamber while police and head of forensics were observing each detail minutely. Doctor was taking the sample of the deceased private part just to make sure, whether she was raped or went through any sexual assault of sorts.

“Doctor, don’t you feel sometimes to sleep with departed is easier....” Joked Mishra, sub-inspector of police, while winking at the forensics head, Satish.

“Mishra, mind your words, you are on duty and these things don’t suit people like you.” Satish stopped Mishra in between. The sense of vexation could be sensed in his voice, after all, this case has attracted all the media frenzy and there has been no lead.

“Sorry Sir, I was just trying to lighten up the mood. Didn’t intend anything.” He felt little ashamed of his comment.

“Sir, the report will be ready by tomorrow and then you can reach the media with the observations. The primary test results with detailed analysis, if required will be mailed to you.” Doctor said while removing his mask and taking some fresh air, mixed with rotten body odour.

“No doctor, we can’t delay the things now, I want the details now. The media will eat me alive. So don’t procrastinate.” Mishra was right about this.

The troop moved out of the room and rushed through the pack of wolves, waiting to pounce on them with questions. They ignored all the flashes and all the questions.


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