Murder Mystery-Chapter 2:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...

Sahil walked down a dark alley, completely oblivious of the fact that he had got a company behind.  The bats resting upside down were the only witness to what was going to happen there.  

“You are late.” The voice was dense and echoed through the walls of that alley. The man’s face was covered with a dark cloth whose colour was hard to detect due to darkness.

“I had some issues at home, which needed my attention. Actually...” Sahil was hesitant and his voice told he is little agitated too.

“Ok...Ok...Not here to listen to your family drama. Where is my package? I hope you didn’t forget that.” Time was money for him.

“I will give the package, but, before that I want to know whether my work was done or not” Sahil asked authoritatively. He didn't like the way that man cut his cue there.

“My work is always complete. I don’t like free lunch and neither the person I work for. So don’t extend this meeting and next time come alone.” he shot the bullet in the dark and Sahil could hear a body falling down with a great thud.

“I don't know who that person is. He could have been any one. Why the fuck you shot him like that?” he was scared and at the same time furious.

“We don't carry baggage on us. A threat is meant to be destroyed and this is the warning for you too. So, lower your voice.” He raised his voice to tame Sahil’s voice.

“Here take the package and don't warn me. If I can hire people like you, I have the power to destroy people like you. So get the fuck out of here.” It was his time to take out the gun. The deal was done and the dead body was taken care of by the man.


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