Walking Away-04

A Story of a friend..by a Friend...

“Mridul where are you yaar! We are in canteen come fast” It was Prateek on the line.

“Oh! Prateek… I am stuck in some work will take some time” stammered Mridul and cut the phone. He was busy flirting with Kanishka near the stair case. She was the girl he dreamt off ever since they met on the first day of college.

A perfectly shaped body with ample amount of fat on the perfect places, she can ooze out air from anybody’s lung and can make one skip multiple heart beats at one go. The body fragrance was one better than rose and her dressing style could make even the hotshots envy of her.  

“Hey Hi…hmmm Kanishka…right?” said Mridul deliberately.

“Ya you are absolutely right Mr.CR” teased Kanishka.

“I am really sorry…actually I have a short hand when it comes to girls, and when the girl is so beautiful I just…” He was interrupted by Kanishka.

“Ya ya I know, I have listened this line multiple times during this one month” She was already approached by Parth once and numerous others.

“Alright so let’s try something new then” a naughty grin could be seen on his face.

After a good long conversation, it was time to get parted.

“It was nice talking to you…hmmm...Mridul, right?” Kanishka said imitating Mridul.

“Thanks a lot for your prec…precious time Kani…ma’am” he fumbled in between but it brought a smile on Kanishka’s lip, ‘I wish I can kiss them one day’ Mridul thought for a while and then let the thought find its way out.

Although Kanishka was approached by Parth earlier, she didn’t mind that, she was always cool about it as if she knew everything about male's hormones, but she could be easily deceived.

Four of them had become really good friends in no time and another chair was added to their favorite corner of the canteen.

*chapter 5 coming up soon..


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