Socially...I am dead!

The morning was cold and the quilt was warm enough to keep me wrapped inside like a new born baby.
Let the debate begin
The phone was the only perpetrator which could have harassed my dreams. On a normal day I would not have picked any call but somewhere I thought it might be for an interview call which I was expecting lately. My eyes were still closed knowing the fact that sun won’t miss a single chance to assault my pupils. I picked up the call.

To my dismay, it was a friend of mine asking to attend the college so that I could be one of the panel to 
judge an intra-college debate competition to select a team for University Fest. I was still lazy but I have always loved such competitions; debate being my favourite. I readily agreed for the proceedings.


“The topic is Social media’s effect is dying down in Youth” announced the organizer proudly, who himself was a participant and was eager to start.

‘May be he believed in first mover’s advantage’ I thought, while scribbling down the names of the contestants on a sheet of paper. 

The competition started and everyone was well prepared and articulate about their thinking and speech. The depression quotient, showing off, the rising movements with the help of facebook and everything was there. I had a smile on my face all the time knowing that the same youth was fighting out for a topic which has become addicted to SOCIAL MEDIA.

The competition ended and the result was announced. I reached home after completing all my prior works and was late for my gym session too. Surprisingly a hot cake was waiting for me on the kitchen slab. A took a big slice of it as small doesn’t work for me and pounced on my sofa.

I switched on the TV and quickly put a news channel as Salman Khan’s interview had to be on air after the Mussafar Nagar drama.

BREAKING NEWS: Sunanda P Tharoor found dead in room 345 of Hotel Leela Palace.

I was shocked to hear that. I remembered her. She was married to our Union Minister Tharoor and the IPL team allegations about “wrong usage” of money and power. He looked shattered and I could relate to his pain of losing someone whom you love.

Killer Effect
Every damn News Channel was glorifying the “tweet War” which was going on. I was super excited and yet sad about that News at the same time. I quickly logged in my twitter account as if I am Sherlock Holmes who will solve her death mystery by just analyzing the tweets and finding a pattern.
‘This bird is the real killer’ I thought looking at the logo of twitter while my browser was still trying to resolve the host while loading.

The tweets flashed and ‘OMG! People can sometimes be too “SOCIAL” ‘ I thought. The names coming up, the ISI agent accusation and the alleged linkup...everything was on twitter. I was shocked and at the same time amazed by the fact that I had a privilege to judge a competition on this topic and here I was looking at the live example of it...Ya although “the people” in the picture were not “YOUTH”...At all(sic).


We have become accustomed to these “micro blogging” and social networking so much that we sometimes forget the line which limits our personal life from the outside world. From the relationship status to the diner’s pizza pictures everything is there and we say we share but I guess we are flaunting too much. The blur line is soon getting more blurred and it’s us to blame.

Rest in Peace Ma'am
I can’t tell people to stop it all together as it’s not possible and plausible at the same time because they have some wonderful features and user advantages which people have started to understand.

But still...A lost chance is a lost change.

Think about it...

Rest in Peace Ma’am.


  1. Each and every profile present in social media corresponds to a helpful person, caring brother/sister, socially active individual, a sweet and lovely girl, a handsome hunk, a non violent, honest, and helpful individual but then it makes me wonder who are those people who fight, kill, hurt, steal, cheat,make those streets unsafe, make it difficult to roam at night, make it impossible to trust one another

    Are we actually what we say we are?
    Wonder if i can say YES, because if that's true, our world will be no less than a kingdom in fairy tales :)

    1. Yes..I think social media has become a place to show your ideal side only..and the realistic and practicality has lost some where...There will come a time when reality will be lost just like it has gone hiding in reality shows..Just an Analogy
      But still hope keeps us alive and hope one day people will realize where the ball lies


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