Murder Mystery-Chapter 10:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
Previously on Murder Mystery: Samaera was found dead while Sahil was found negotiating with someone in a dark alley. Samaera's post mortem was going on while media was busy speculating about the murder. Sahil was in big problem and Ratan was trying desperately to prove Sahil as a murderer. Mishra Ji get's the report. Sahil makes a big announcement and so does the police department. Sahil talks to Tanushree about something.

Sahil entered his apartment. Though it was cleaned after the investigation was completed at his once called home, he could still smell Samaera’s fragrance in the hall. He threw his coat on the sofa, tossed his shoes in the air and went straight to the mini bar.

The bar was nothing short of extravagance. The top brands decorated the shelf, and the crystal clear glasses hung upside down over the top of the table; specifically selected for each kind of alcohol. He pulled a half filled Jack Daniels from the shelf and poured it to the brim in a beautiful old fashioned whisky glass. With the first sip, he opened the drawer, which matched the interiors of the well thought out apartment. Beneath the culinary set rested a piece of paper, carefully folded thrice.

He removed the crease from that piece of paper and dialled the number written on it. The phone rang for four times and was picked in the middle of the fifth ring.

“Hello Sahil, I knew you would call me. Tell me what can I do for you?” The voice was squeaky but fluttered due to an inconsistent network.

“See, I did what you told me to do. The plan was working fine. Then why the hell this happened?” he was about to break down.

“I always mean business. I would have killed you for the same reason for which your wife was killed. Your resignation was important right now. I hope you don’t like the taste of Jail’s food.” the guffaw was enough to silence Sahil’s sobs.

“But…She was…my wife. Why was she murdered when everything was related to me?” this time he broke down.

“Sahil, it is better we talk about your sob story later. Play the part right and we will see what can be done. Get yourself up for the fuck sake.” and the phone was disconnected.

Sahil drank almost full glass in one shot and went upstairs to the room.


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