Did Modi fail?

One thing, the Prime Minister of India is good at is not to get into the rat race of opposition and the media and set the agenda which suits his campaign. Modi must be the harbinger of his own disaster of Demonetization, yet this campaign helped him propel to great electoral heights and even though 99 percent of the extinguished notes came back to the RBI didn’t affect his storyline.

The campaign “50 days or punish me” might have failed tangibly but the intangible effect on UP election was unprecedented and anointed Yogi as the CM in the state where communal tension has always been at its peak. “The suit boot Ki Sarkar” is still is still strong, though we still miss the Holland and Sherry Rs. 10 lakhs suit he wore in a meeting with Barak Obama.

Modi is a perfect example of brand manager, he knows what to do at what time and understands the meaning of breaking the status quo and sending shivers down the opponents’ body. A person who is always in a campaign mode can’t go wrong and keeps his cards close to his 56-inch chest. A person who has decided to visit Gujrat, every week to see the preparation of Gujrat election personally; he knows what to do.

I believe, with all the articles written on how economy fell on its face and how his campaign failed to get the black money out of the Indian economic system, he will surely come out unscathed. He knows how to attain power and hold it till its last drop, munching on each opponent and making them feel their useless existence on this land.

He is like an amoeba, who can transform into any shape; from a saviour to a servant, from a hologram to a warrior. He understands his crowd too well or may be the crowd still doesn’t know anything about the “Prime Servant” of India.

With each inch he walks, he will create craters to fill the bodies of opponents, while he walks with a smile. The campaign might have failed on paper, but Modi got what he deserved another 5 years in power: 2019-2024.
What do you think about the campaign? Did it actually fail?

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