Being Introvert-You Sexy:

Myths associated with "Introversion"
Shy, geek, reserved, awkward, silent. These are the words which you will hear when you ask someone to define introversion. But does it real mean introversion?

I have found people who are introvert and are not shy or reserved. Sharukh Khan is one of the prime examples of being introvert and yet being quick witted, and crowd loving person. He is a super intelligent person, with a persona which can actually put you in dilemma about his introversion.

Introverts are one of the most attractive people in the world, because the curiosity attached to them is immense and they just don’t typically put their attractiveness on display like other people do. For the starters I am an introvert too, though won’t boast about my awesomeness.

Think deep:
Introverts are the people, who create their own world in their head and like to be there with their thoughts, secret talks and the world which for others look like fiction. They have endless time to reflect on issues, which others run out of. When introverts speak, a hell lot of thought has gone behind the golden words and rest assured these words are something to think about.

You are my soulmate:
Normally introverts are happy with themselves only but even if they create a bond with someone, that bond is strong and they really care about it. They take care of that relationship as if its a child seeking for love and affection. These bonds are few and special, so if you find some introvert in your life, don’t let that person leave you. They are vulnerable too, so don’t hurt them.

Love to listen:
You sit with them over a coffee and pour your thoughts out. They will listen to you, give their valuable advice and will always tell what the best thing to do is. They understand what’s there in your heart, that’s one heck of a superpower to possess.  Talk to them, they are the special ones.

Loyalty is in my blood:
Introverts are quite choosy about with whom they want to spend their time or on a bigger scenario their life. Any relationship they get into whether business, social, and romantic, friendship is a big energy investment for them. They take things slow and want to digest every moment with you. They have emotionally invested in you and hence will remain like that even if distractions come in their way. Don’t take their loyalty for granted or take advantage. If you still don’t understand this, you are missing on the most important person of your life.

Be my side:
They are not spotlight hungry and they do what pleases other, as for them to persuade someone for something requires a lot of energy and they don’t like that. They are easy to be around as their presence gives you a chance to show yourself truly to this world. It doesn’t matter whether you want to eat something different or do some different activity, they like your company hence they stay happy in that situation.

I know what I am:
Introverts know themselves more than anybody else does. They know their goals; they know what activity they want to do alone. Their career goals are clear and their passions are well acquainted. They values their ethics more than anything and always stand by them. They reflect confidence and conviction which is unparalleled.

Challenge accepted:
Introverts are a challenge but a nice challenge. They know exactly when they want you to know something and what they want you to know. The pique a lot of curiosity if they are interested in you and there is something which attracts you towards them. By this they are testing whether you are at par their level and will you understand their qualities or not. They know how to make it large.
So in short, I mean “in long”, an introvert is sexy, attractive and a person to be around.

Ask yourself the following questions and you will come to know whether you are an introvert person or not?
(Questions courtesy:

Q1. Do I quickly feel drained when in a large crowd of people?
Q2. I am a cautious decision maker.
Q3. Do I feel drained after being out and about, even if I’ve enjoyed myself?
Q4. Do I take risks unless I’ve done some careful research or evaluation first?
Q5. When I was a child, did people describe me as “quiet.”?
Q6. In large social gatherings, do I often feel a need to seek out space to be by myself?
Q7. Do I do my best work in a quiet environment?

If the answer to above questions are “Yes”. Then congrats, you are sexy! :)
That’s why we say #DiscoverNewInYou every day.


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    1. Thanks Bro..Lets see..who all can relate with these points..Spread the word :)

    2. nice..they are intriguing, but once if u connect with them its amazing to see their world.. u got it right brooh.. ;)

    3. Thats right bro..they are the perfect gift to this imperfect world :)


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