The vicious godliness

I still remember the words of Lord Krishna in B.R Chopra’s Mahabharata “Whenever there will be rise of evil force; I will take birth to end the cruelty and give birth to righteousness.” I kept playing that in loop and tried enacting that, knowing the fact that I can’t be a good actor.

India suffered from diseases; Ramdev came into the scene as the protector of Indian originated, Yoga. I thought he is the doctor version of the “reincarnated Lord Krishna”. When women got raped in different parts of India; Asaram Bapu came with his “Brother Sister speech”. I thought he is drunken version of the “reincarnated Lord Krishna”. When people were going through rough phase of their lives; Nirmal baba came with his “Kripa” theory. I thought he is the service provider version of the “reincarnated Lord Krishna”.

In last few years, there has been a rise of these “reincarnated Lord Krishna”. Some has been modest and true to their work and proved to be worthy for this country of diversity, while some are just wearing a robe of godliness over the bloated raincoat of evil.

People like these like fighting over the authenticity of Sai baba God’s stature. These people like to debate over which religion ruled the world before they were even took birth. They ask for donations to continue to serve the community for good. These people try every second to prove themselves as the descendent of some God or other. Their speech marathon, their mass gathering activities, their “fear from god” trauma sessions are all based on the money they can save to live a life of grand luxury and grand belly size.

Are these people still required to know what god is? Are we moving ahead with time or just the reverse gear is too slow to be felt?

Women are molested in the name of better and happy life with family and their husband by these so called self proclaimed “Baba”. Children are harassed in the name of better future by these self proclaimed “Preachers of God”. People donate endlessly not knowing the fact that these people are nothing but goons.

They own their private islands, Swiss accounts, never ending money and never ending media coverage. Sometimes, I feel media and these people work hand in hand to deteriorate the already deteriorated Indian condition.

We are the people who chose our current Prime Minister knowing the fact he has that capability to make India a technology and capitally advanced country and on the other hands people like these are still followed.

Not saying every person who enters this profession of helping people is a goon but following someone with eyes closed is a serious “Blasphemy”, I would say. Don't be a follower, be a student and filter out what’s good for you and this society.

Think about the change. As the chance lost is a change lost...


  1. It really feels bad but their is one thing to notice about people like Nirmal dhongi
    "They are some of the cleverest people much better than the one's at iim when it comes to knowing the public and we indians, a huge mass of wealthy & literate people who continue to be a part of such foolishness"
    Such a shame to call ourself literate when we don't even understand how our hard-earned money is being looted. On the top of it, they feel happy about doing it :/

    1. Truly said, not even an MBA grad but know how to mobilize and sell the "THING" in the market. We the so called educated class still gets into them and let them loot us.


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