Lost virginity: Not again!!

The air was hard to find as my oversized body required everything in huge quantity. It seemed like the metro which just arrived squished the air which was flowing through the station cross section. I was still cupping my knees with my palms and was taking deep breaths when someone tapped me from behind. A quick nasty cold vibe went through my body as if the air which I was searching for got the address of the person which required it the most and entered without taking prior permission from my mouth.
Suddenly the breathing stopped and I turned my face to see who the hell on earth wanted to provide me with a re-breather.
“Now, I look fine?” the familiar voice tickled my ear drums.
“Yups...I mean what...I mean couldn’t get you...sorry!” I was confused what to say and her meek smile was making it more difficult to even say something.
The mess was cleaned up and the lips were back to their glossy state, the cheeks got their colour back and the eyes looked even more beautiful than before. For a time being I got lost in her eyes as if the pair was the only thing that god had paid attention while making this whole world.
“You complained about my look. That’s why I thought it will be good to ask you only.” There was naughtiness in her voice as if nothing had happened to her an hour ago.
“Ya sure ma’am...I am always happy to help girls...you look beautiful...I mean better than before.” I replied with the same naughtiness and a grin.
“I am sorry...if I said something...by the way I am Naisha.” the name was as beautiful as her smile.
“I am sorry...if I said something...by the way I am Mrigank.” repeated it in the same tone without wasting a single second.
“You going in this way or waiting for someone?” enquired Naisha.
‘No no I am watering the metro line’ I thought but decided against it “Ya going in this way only...so can I take your leave...it was nice to meet you” I said it in a blunt way but my soul had already got attached to her fragrance and didn’t want to leave her for a second nor did I.
“That’s great...so can I join you?” She said beaming with a lustful smile.
‘Ma’am I am not buying you a drink here...why me?’ my heart bubbling inside my ribcage “Ya sure it will be fun.” though felt ashamed afterwards for showing so much of excitement.
I had already left three to four trains and I didn’t want to miss more as we were having a small get together at my uncle’s home for a pizza party.
“Can I ask you something?” she asked while we entered the metro.
‘Not again this questions can do multiple things in a male’s body...do you seriously have an idea about this?’ I always tried to run from this question but not this time...


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    1. Thanks AVI..I am happy that you appreciated my work :)


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