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 Some will say “His blog is turning towards ‘eroticism’.” while some will say “He is just playing word game.”
I will say I am neither turning you on nor playing word game, I am making you face the truth.
Earlier in history Women were not allowed to step out of their home and work, but with time advancement and so called human sophistications women paved their way to schools, colleges and later to offices.
The feminist started yelling “women can match with men in every damn sphere of life!”
The feminist were right about what they preached and their belief and I fully support them, but that radical thinking endangered men in their own den. I have overheard many people complaining about the same.
We experience this everyday in our life whether at colleges or at offices. A woman get more advantages than a man get.
I state an example, which I understood while talking to a friend of mine, when he was depressed because of this.
Suppose a practical exam is going on and last two students (a boy and a girl) are left for viva-voce, then two things can happen:
Case 1: If lecturer is female-
Boy’s name as thought by lecturer: Fuck you
Girl’s name as thought by lecturer: Princess
Lecturer (Smiling and trying to show off her new shade of lipstick) “So, how are you Princess?”
Princess (Brimming with etiquettes): “I am absolutely fine ma’am.”
Lecturer (Looking at boy in disgust): “have you started preparing for semesters or not?”
Fuck you (Amazed knowing he is the class topper): “Yes ma’am.”
Lecturer asks some questions from both, generally tough from Fuck you and easy from Princess and let them go. Both had a wonderful viva-voce.
Result time:
Fuck you: 6/10
Princess: 9/10. (Full marks mean explanation call for lecturer)
Case 2: If lecturer is male-
Boy’s name as thought by lecturer: Fuck you
Girl’s name as thought by lecturer: Chick
Lecturer (Smiling and checking out the chick from top to bottom): “Hey Chick how are you?”
Chick (Knowing he is pervert but still smiling): “I am absolutely fine sir.”
Lecturer (Still looking at Chick’s $@@$%, leave it): “Have you started preparing for semesters or not?”
Fuck you (Knowing this chick has fucked up again): “Ya sir.”
Lecturer asks some questions from both, generally the toughest from Fuck you and the easiest from Chick and let them go. Both had a wonderful viva-voce.
Result time:
Fuck you: 5/10
Chick: 10/10 (Do hell with the explanation call)
It’s good that world is paving a way for women to explore and to reach the top, and I am with them. But, what about the men?
It’s not good. A time will come when we will coin a term ‘Meninst’, who will fight for men rights. I am not sparking a sex war here, I am just telling the sex discrimination still persists but now the table has turned...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Naina
      But please elaborate what you found great in it?
      So that I can deliver more articles which my dear friends like you like and want to read :)

  2. Your domain of work is limited.
    But u logically conveyed what u felt, that's nice..
    The names r so funny, however.

    1. Thanks buddy...but please help me expand my domain by telling what you want to read about and what else can be added to "turn you on" ? :)

  3. Tables have not turned as much as anticipated. Females enjoying preference at commonplaces is not actually working in their favour because if they are preferred unanimously for being an eye candy,i fear they are in a worse state than before.
    Furthur if that clears and women replace half of the men in power,we should not complain. We may feel elbowed out but that will happen and ought to.
    And i disagree with you on the psyche of a lady teacher towards a boy. Similar to the psyche of a man teacher towards a girl, the madam also is more tilted towards favouring the boy if 'he is decent,obedient and can answer questions rather than stare like a dumb'but alas - boys are not made to be like that. We know it, a woman never favours a woman.
    Sir,just as a suggestion - you start off topics well, dwell on finer points, give an instance and summarise it to a premature end. I believe you can develop the core to a more substantial and quantifiable level, push your logic and reason behind the happenings and give more weight and explanation to the alternatives and solutions. Shortly, the topics you choose have more appetite than our exam stricken minds :p

    1. Hahahaha..Dont call me Sir brother :)
      And Ya I know that..But I am not here to give solutions..I am here to raise an issue..Sometimes just one question which seems superficial can give 3rd degree burns. I try to write about an issue which forces people like us to think and "develop" a solution.
      I have seen this and hence thought about writing it. I know a female doesn't go well with female but I have seen such examples in my life and I have proof too but won't put here.
      And Regarding our male teachers..I dont even have to provide a proof :P
      Thanks for your time brother and I appreciate your view and your critical approach...way to go buddy :)

    2. hahaha, really....really sometime in our lives we do get discriminated by such sexist teachers and don't have to put up a proof- i know that happens more often than not. But i am witness to such exceptions when opposite happened quite a few times(I was the luckier boy :p)
      And if have in mind to raise the issues, you are doing it just perfectly and on the brighter side providing the reader a chance to think and reach the solution at a personal level without any bias from the text. Appreciate your response :) (y)


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