The 27.5 hours of Love

“Train to H. Nizamuddin via Jhansi and Itara is going to enter platform number 6!” announced the speaker at the Vijayawada station, Andhra Pradesh. We found ourselves standing at wrong platform and hence had to rush. The extra bit of food in belly was jumping badly and I was abusing the people responsible for this untimely rush.
My friend was sitting in front of me on S3-41 and was busy typing something on his mobile and sweating profoundly. Something had changed in his life and I had a hint about it, though a little bit.
I always credited love to be the reason of change. He was the new ‘victim’ of LOVE. He met somebody and Aha! He had fallen for her.
Love is known to be the most powerful emotion one can ever experience. The preachers of love used to say “Love is like an arrow that can cut the stone, love is like a light that can illuminate darkness and love is like the serene water that can purify your soul”. Sometimes this love can push you in the pit of pain and sometimes can stretch you to the cloud nine.
You find yourself in the middle of a battle; a battle between your love and your career. You lose one you lose the battle but if you win one, the results remains the same- DEFEAT. It’s important that you realize the need of the time.
We always say that career paves the way to love but we forget that love can be the strongest turning point in your career.
You will say: “You are nuts man! Love is to career? Are you kidding me?”
I would say I am the nut-cracker, YES love is to career and no I am not kidding. There are several example of this and one such example is the IT giant Infosys. YES Infosys.
We always mistake by mixing our love life and career and exclaiming “I spoiled my life due to love!”
But...but...Hey listen to me...
If you have the correct person in your life the word SPOIL will not reside in your dictionary. You will auto-focus on your career to get that person. Your commitment will change with time but your love will always understand that as that person is yours and only yours.
 I won’t say you need love to prioritize your career, but I will say please don’t chuck love out of your life for career.
Whether your career stays or not, your love will always accompany you.
He continued typing message till the train pulled its gears. The signal got missing as soon as train left the platform and I lost my consciousness due to heavy lunch after 3 days of near starvation.


  1. Career is love for some people.. haha!
    Think over it man..

  2. ya sahi kaha yaar... for xample my dear friend CHAYANK MALHOTRA :)

  3. ur earlier blogs had much wider topics than several new one
    hope u'll switch to them againnnnnnnnnn!! :(

    1. Sure I will try...actually I have my exms going on..but I need my friends read my blog continuously..hence try to fiddle out some time for them...I will try to go back to them as soon as possible :)
      But thanbks to be considerate about my blog and following them :)


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