The uncertain Glory

It was great Sunday sunny morning, till the clouds abducted the sunshine and suddenly everything became abominable.The sun had already aborted its enthusiasm and gloominess could be easily cut with a knife.
Watching the sudden death of sunshine, my mind which is usually inactive in these kind of hazy mornings sensed something which I could not even relate till now-"glory is uncertain whatever you are!".

I quickly absorbed the fresh cold air and with a hot cup of mocha I galloped to my study table. There was total abstinence from the surrounding, still in my deep thought about the fact that mind put forward a few minutes ago.
I remembered the saying of my grand father that "when a storm starts uprooting everything only those trees live which have strong foundation".
It seemed that my mind is conspiring against my own will, but with my life spanning more than 19 years and my life enlightened by my grand father's girth of knowledge, my mind was knowing that I would not accede to it's order.
And, with the last slurp of my mocha I blew the trumpet of my victory over my mind and with the signing of the memorandum of understanding with my soul, that thought rested in peace till the Monday morning blues. 


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