The road less traversed

In the deep isolation from the whole world around 3 am yesterday, I found my self in front of my money plant, still so green and young, blooming as if "he" has decided to fill me up with all the money he has.
Though my eyes were on my money plant and my hands feeling the salacious leaves of my best pal, I was abhorred by the cars which were flocking just like all the sheep which flock when I retire for the day.
Rushing abnormally to catch something which others had already achieved, nibbling the "antidote" of fear of failure.
Still annoyed by the noise which spoiled the serenity of that moment, my thoughts took me to one of the page of my English textbook, and I remembered the beautiful poem written Robert Frost-"The road not taken".

I dashed towards my room and felt a blizzard hitting on me when the "golden page", blotted by the meanings of all the difficult words which I still don't understand, got unfolded with full galore as if telling this is what the page meant for.
This left me thinking whether success lies in the road paving its way to one stop shop of vibrant glory or the grassy path where the gratuity is uncertain. This thought lasted till my eyes closed and I saw same black and white sheep jumping over the fence and yodeling the poem from that golden page.. 

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
 Somewhere ages and ages hence:
 Two roads diverged in a wood, and
 I took the one less traveled by,
 And that has made all the difference."


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