The mighty motivation


Soon the jogging stint was outdone by the nippy dawn, the warm tenderness of my polka dot blanket and a crisp copy of Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat. Though these 4 days went really lucrative; my bones were having a gala time as they had to bear a little less load and so was my mind which was now little less look conscious.
“The limbs of fire” (sic) were running out of fuel and so was my motivation and the saga of love corruption and success was not going to help me either. I needed inspiration to change my thinking which can motivate me and reflect that in my actions.
On that day I realized one thing very clearly…

Just like food and exercise don’t last long, neither does motivation. However, if the starting point of motivation is belief in inner conscience, the result remains long lasting.

But what is this MOTIVATION?Motivation is something which inspires you within and ignites a fire which is reflected in your being and thoughts. It is one of the most powerful tools a human have which can change him no bounds. It can persuade or influence you to do anything which you think is impossible to accomplish or even to do appropriately. 
It’s just like an up thrust which comes free with a desire to succeed. Without success life becomes a lopsided wheel giving a bumpy ride.

The biggest threat to motivation is your own complacence, which can lead to aggravation, and when people are annoyed they give up easily without thinking twice.

Now the question arises is:
How does it works?
It’s a very simple job, if you get to know what motivates you within and once you are through to the principle of motivation you can accomplish your goal at a faster pace and the success will be waiting to bang your door steps.
Your inner motivation is your attitude and drive towards your objective, which keeps you align and focused.

But How to remain self focused or motivated?
This we can learn from our athletes. The tool that the athletes are using continuously from a long time is called “self talk”. Self talks are positive statements made in tense situations and repeated regularly to motivate within.



Getting what motivation can do, I was ready with my shoes on and my IPod charged up. I hit the road with full vigor and soon was running towards my goal-“flat belly”.
While running hard, the line from revolution 2020 kept bouncing somewhere in my mind that why can’t god create men with by-default six pack abs?


  1. god left us without six pack coz he belives dat by our efforts we"ll get it someday .. he trusted us as a "man of efforts "

  2. buddy its not your gym..its my will be good if you comment on what I have written rather than shoving gymnasium here :)
    rest I agree to your point

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Good Work!!!!!
    Isse padd ke motivation mile ya nahi,can't say. Tera hard work dekh ke,to write this, i am motivated!!!


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