The attributive attitude-Part 2

After having a six course rich dinner, I decided to have a walk in the newly constructed lush green park behind my home. The salacious green grass, bathed in street light and with it's abnormal beauty was attracting me. 

I didn't take much time to remove my slippers and enjoy the cool and soothing effect of moisture soaked tiny-tots. But soon that serenity was lost with a sudden abrasive quarrel between a couple and loud cry of two infants.I was thinking how will those two infants cope up with this atmosphere, which was heavy enough due to the damp condition of air and now due to foul words.
Then I remembered about my second edition of "The attributive attitude", I knew what I have to write. I dashed towards my home and switched on my computer, my blog was already beaming on the screen as if "he" already knew, I was coming home with a new thought.
The attitude depends upon the Environment you live in. It can deteriorate or enhance your attitude.
Environment is generally dependent on following parameters:
  • Home: positive or negative atmosphere
  • Work place: supportive staff or neck breaking competitive staff
  • Friend circle
  •  Cultural and religious background
  • Tradition and beliefs
and the most important in this new age 
  • Media: Print or Digital
Every above parameter crafts a culture.You must have noticed in your day to day life, you go to a departmental store and find that from salespersons to supervisor all are polite and courteous  and then  you go to another shop and you find everyone rude and discourteous. 

You go to a home and you find the kids and parents well-behaved, courteous and considerate.Yet you go to another home where everyone is fighting like cats and dogs.

Which place you will prefer? Which place will have positive impact on you?

This is the change in mindset and attitude due to two different environmental condition breeding under the roof.

This has been proved multiple times that: 
In a positive environment, a marginal performer's output goes up.
In a negative environment, a good performer's output goes down.

We need to step back and introspect, what kind of environment we have created for ourselves and those around us. As it plays vital role in smoothing the path to success as we all know sugar cane can't produce salt in the same way positive environment always takes your attitude and you towards greater heights.
Since that fight was already on my mind I decided to end my day and my article here only..


  1. its never the conditions its the decesions to the conditions which shape your destiny and ultimate attitude towards success
    Rachit Sharma

  2. But at a point of time it seems that decisions are already slipping through your hands and the conditions are driving you some where themselves..and you and those decisions take the back seat
    Mrigank Singhal

  3. decisions slipping?? if decesions can slip you really dont have an attitude to win , nothing can slip from your hands unless you have a limiting belief to do so :)

  4. Ya its true buddy!
    You need attitude to win but that attitude can put you in trouble too "sometimes"
    otherwise I completely agree with objections :D


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