What brings you closer?

The day was going really nice. Sleep was the utmost priority and my phone was vibrating and telling me “Brother, charge me as I am feeling really hungry”. I opened my eyes just enough to see what time it is. The widget showed 12 noon.

Outside my room I heard my mom complaining “He has become too lazy, just wasting our money in gym...see the time. Now he will wake up and ask for breakfast.”

Just to spice up my morning, I yelled “Ma, breakfast” and then the real lecture started. I listened to it while going through the messages of early risers.

My sister has updated her DP with her Engagement’s picture. I went down the memory lane where I had so much fun with my brothers and sisters; dancing on music with no knowledge of beats, drinking like no tomorrow and eating every fucking dish from North Indian’s favourite “Aloo Puri” to Italian Au Gratin. We were together, from laughing our guts out on every dumb act of ours to enjoying every crazy custom we have during pre-marriage days. All found a reason to get some days off from schools, colleges and offices. But most importantly, we were TOGETHER.

While I was busy realising how much fun I had, a phone call broke the sequence. It was from my dad, telling that there has been a death in our family. I was told to accompany my mother there. I immediately woke up, brushed my teeth and had breakfast.

We reached there and my mom straight away hugged my aunt. Tears were trickling down from my aunt’s eyes as she had lost her mother. People were sitting quietly and sadness could be felt in the air. That small lobby was holding a lot of people and each one looked concerned about each other’s pain, hugging each other and passing condolence. People had taken off from schools, colleges and offices, but this time the reason was different. Though there also was a sense of TOGETHERNESS.

I drove back from that place and while I was driving, I realised people come closer to each other while they have happiness to share or in despair.  But what brings you closer; a reason of happiness or sadness?



  1. Nice one. And a question in the end actually sparked things up.

    1. Thanks buddy...atleast you are following and reading my fucking blog :P

  2. Nice topic and the burning question : what brings us closer - happiness or despair. Here is what i make of it : Happiness is a relative term these days because we are normally confused whether we are happy or not and feel like there should be stronger reason to widen out lips than meeting a person. We are surrounded by people we are not and will not be used to,with us and neither cares why - rather we get nostalgic and relieved at the flashbacks of getting together with well knowns,brothers,cousins.We want to borrow some time to jump into that carefree past for those moments.But we don't or we can't.
    And then those deaths and those sad, compulsive visits accumulating everyone. Ha, sadly,despair brings more closeness !
    But wait, there is something amiss, the closeness in the former scenario is remembered,cherished,endured,relived,aspired and one day actuated and laughed over but the latter one is forced,impulsive,of separation,detachment and superficial.
    What we carry out of a funeral apart from swollen eyes and frozen throats is that whatever closeness we have with people more pleasant than this,better be acknowledged before the revisit here ... who knows who's next !

    1. Bravo...I really appreciated the way you have put your thoughts here..and I also believe that sadness brings us more closer and provide us with those people who really care as happiness is something which everyone looks forward to, whether his or someone's else. Just to get liberated from one's despair. But everyone has a point of view and thinking inclination. That's the reason I thought I should write this.
      Thanks for taking your time out and replying with your view :)

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  4. You got me thinking!!!
    Here is what i found as an answer:
    Our genuine interest in each other's concern
    Good or bad, happy or sad, high or low, smart or foolish, rich or poor, success or failure
    Choosing one of the sides of a coin automatically makes you distant to the other
    Simply put: Replace "OR" with "AND" and you have the answer :)

    1. I think I found my guest writer in you buddy
      I just hope you read my reply and honour me with an articles of yours..Your thought process is simply awesome..Thanks :)


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