The Dream Vs Goal Encounter:


Whenever I retire for the day, there is a sense of panicky in me. Something keeps me awake. Something tells me that Mrigank today you were non productive. Something tells me that Mrigank you are the only person that can prove 80/20 principle wrong, as your efforts are zero and you want to chase heaven.  Something tells me to wake up and work a little bit to know that there is a certain amount of beauty associated with hard work. And then, dream hushes that ‘something in me’.

In dream I see myself as the most charismatic person, a person with every bit of knowledge, a person who have moulded time in such way that I can squeeze out 25 hours from one day, productivity breaking all the records and I am diving in the pool which Uncle Scrooge used to dive in.

Is there any connection of my dream and ‘me at present’? Or it’s purely a fit of pleasure which will seize to exist as soon as I gulp down a potion of reality.


Whenever I retire for the day, there is sense of calmness in me. Something tells me to sleep well. Something tells me that Mrigank today you reached your optimum level of productivity. Something tells me that Mrigank you should have been the one who proposed that 80/20 principle. Something tells me to dream even bigger since I have realized the beauty associated with hard work. And then, the urge of achieving more hushes that ‘something in me’.

I don’t dream about the future, I build my future with my own hands. I don’t believe in destiny, I don’t believe in fate, I believe in myself. I don’t require that of pool of Uncle Scrooge to pacify my urgency to achieve more in less. I don’t need that 25th hour since I know how to utilize my 24 hours.

Is there any connection of my achievements with my non dreamy state? don’t need an ‘Or’ here...


I am not limited to my degree of graduation I hold, the college I am associated to, the school I was associated to. I am limited to me, my work, my efforts, and my diligence towards the work in hand, my interest and my self determination.

I am a mix of the two. Separating me with my dreams are as colossal as separating a fish from a fresh water pond. And, efforts of mine is something which will never stop till I stop my heart.

But which ‘Me/I’ are you and why? ...THINK

As I say-A thought lost is a change lost...

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  1. Really good and well crafted brother.

  2. Goals are the stripped down versions of our dreams...
    Dreams motivates us to have goals,
    Achievement of goals inspires us to dream further
    The cycle continues....

    But then, Where did we went wrong?
    Here is the tricky part that we usually miss
    Dreams and goals are solely focussed on ourself, factor in dreams and goals of other's too
    And you have the "REALITY" :-)

    1. I say it a little differently..dreams are just one percent of or aspiration but what we aspire comes from the dream we weave...but ya you are correct and about the self centered approach we follow..its eccentric but its true :)

    2. Just 1% :O
      Guess you wanna say, "you fail to turn rest 99% into reality" ;) :p
      Hope you disagree with your statement now, as far as i know you, it's more than 50% :D

    3. Dear I don't disagree with my statement as there is difference between dreams and vision..dreams are seen by closed eyes but vision strives you for greater success.
      So I didn't fail..I stopped dreaming and started visualizing what I need to achieve. So that 99% you are saying comes from visualization.
      But ya I will still say dreams are important in many ways :)
      Not disrespecting your thought in any way :)
      Cheers (y)

  3. There is a behemoth digression between 'desire' and 'necessity' which exactly translates to the aberration between 'dreams' and 'deeds'.When we feel at the end of the day that we have not devoted much hours towards the realization of our dreams,that is precisely because we visualize them as a 'desire' and not a 'necessity' or we would have ensured the required efforts otherwise. Separating us from our dreams is like removing a fish from the pond : this is what we believe but not embrace wholly. Once the petty pleasures and distractions wear off and we see nothing but dreams (as daydreams), nothing is beyond our reach.

    1. Ya true...Just as I said in the above comment..dreams and aspiration start one after the other but soon aspiration should be our main focus as the job of that dream is done when aspiration takes the front seat...


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