Persona Non Grata

I recall collapsing on my bed after a real shocker of the day, an encounter with my very own CS professor. A gargantuan figure standing next to me and promising wholeheartedly.."Dude! You will be paying for the sins you never committed!"

A cruel thought!
Though still unconscious, I remembered that I did everything, applied every single bit of theory in my practicals, the enthusiasm to learn new things was at par to the stimulated response towards my own endeavours.

I analysed loop holes in my work, that work which can bestow me a grade as "small" as the granular structure of sand.

Still terrified to flunk in the subject, my mind once again came up as a life redeemer and was constantly developing new and devious strategies to keep me out of this danger.
It is a brutal world.

Tears had already started pouring out of eyes and started kissing my cheeks, my soul completely drenched with the unseasoned rain requested me to snap my mind out of this situation, which I had to do rebelliously. In that small stint of nap, I made unlimited attempts to spike the lemonade of my mind so that I can relax a little bit.
But, I failed.

I sprang up from the bed and decide to talk to the professor very next day about the misunderstanding which had implanted a seed that could finish my future prospective in one go. Giant waves of emotions kept rising up and crashing one into the other. The words were still echoing continuously left me thinking that I was a anomaly, a mistake in the field of engineering.
But was I seriously Persona Non Grata?


  1. Thanks buddy!
    But I will be highly delighted if your critic views can enlighten the areas where I need that next time you all can enjoy even more:)


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