The substitute of failure

Today was one of the hottest day of summer in Delhi and even the Air-conditioner seemed sweating wildly as it’s fat was melting (after all it weighs 2 ton :P ).
My mom was shouting on me to take bath but ‘Who the hell we go outside the chilling room’ I thought. The pleasure of chilled room was short lived when this ultimatum came like a heat wave-“Go and have bath otherwise no lunch for today.”

I had to go for the bath with my towel on my neck and a bucket full of cold water (Thanks to some ice cubes).But this happiness stayed for a while as I slipped and broke my hip girdle. The water was draining down and couldn’t do anything but to see it draining down.
 This heat was making me lethargic and I was failing to complete my daily tasks and something has to be done about it. I had no choice except to take a shower with hot water due to natural geyser of my roof. The water trickled down my body and I got lost in my thoughts.
Sometimes human tend to move on a path although knowing the fact that it will lead to failure but the conditions are such that they couldn’t help but to tread on it. They continuously pray that they don’t collide with failure and a miracle change it to success.
But here their prayers and they go wrong. When the path is of failure; success chances are like finding water in refrigerator when you haven’t kept any bottle in it. The only thing you can do during this time is risk analysis and then finding measure to either prolong it as far as possible or substitute with another failure which bear low aftermath.
This is what usually big companies do during crisis period. But like Pareto law can be used by humans personal life this can also be used to reduce falling tendency.
So keep thinking because a thought lost is a change lost...
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