Lost Virginity: The call

The call had struck some chord in her heart and only blues could be heard.
“Hello...ya speak up” she said while sobbing and her nose as wet as her cheeks.
‘She looks more beautiful in wet cheeks’ tickled my mind; ‘shut up! A girl is crying and you still searching for beauty factors?’ my heart was quick to response. But her voice and conversation suddenly seemed to be more interesting then the stupid conversation between my Mr. Evil Mind and Mr. Angel Heart.
“So...was it m fault? Did I tell you...but...but...” the anger could be sensed on her prickly nose while eyes tried to overshadow it.
“Excuse me...it wasn’t me who kissed that girl in front of everybody...it was you...you bloody pervert!” she tried to say it as low as she can, still managing her angry tone.
“What? Shut up please...I don’t wanna talk to you.” And she disconnected the call.
She saw here and there to check whether somebody noticed her or not. My eyes were still stuck on her and my mouth opened as if I was preparing to have a zinger. Her eyes met with my eyes; still that Maybelline colossal graced her cheeks. For a moment I got lost in her deep eyes, not knowing what I was actually doing. I closed my mouth after the realisation about where i was standing and what I was doing and instantly cut the eye contact there and then to show I didn’t hear anything.
She was still looking at me, as if I was that girl which her ‘BABU<3’ kissed.
“What? Why staring me?” I said as blunt as I could and then realised what I had done.
“Nothing...I am sorry. I was just...just...” she had no words or my blunt expressions made the things even worse for her. She started fiddling with her bag rather started kneading it.
“Ma’am...I mean...excuse me...your boyfriend in violet looks good!” pointing towards her bag and trying to act funny, which off course I was not at least at that time.
“What? What did you just said? Come again...” she was astonished and more than that infuriated.
“Nothing...did I just said something...aahaaa...nothing.” acting like ‘What? Talking to me?’ kind of and I quickly walked down towards the door to escape from this sticky situation.
“By the way...” I pointed towards her face which was in complete mess and got down from the train.
‘Whoa!  Man thank god’ my heart sighed. ‘You are a dumbass, who told you to act like a hero?’ my mind was correct this time.

“The train destination to Rithala is going to enter platform number 2” said the announcing lady of DMRC; I rushed to catch the train, as if it was the last train in the history of the mankind. I was literally out of my breath when I reached the desired platform. Still searching for air to feed my lungs when suddenly...


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