Happiness that stays forever

I was enjoying my day off from training due to excessive heat. I was online on FB as usual and I was as usual dreaming about high paid jobs after a MBA degree which I was hoping to pursue after my B.Tech.
 The life is certainly an amalgam of dreams and the reality and the one who knows the correct ratio of the two can always succeed. My dreams are never ending and so instead of dreaming, I chose to download official guide of GMAT for reading, when suddenly a notification flashed on my desktop “Someone added a new photo: “My best birthday J “. Instantly my hand went on that notification to see what it’s like to call your birthday the best.   
There were around 20-24 pictures and that smile on every person’s face that could be seen in the photographs told me enough that why it is the best birthday. The smile was content and full of what...umm...emotions that it seemed like that someone have won the whole world.
I realised one thing that day, happiness is not always buying expensive Tech toys or luxury but it’s about the surprises given by your friends and the cake’s smooth whipped cream on your face, which makes you feel like a clown but that mere gesture gives you something which is more valuable than iphone, Macbook or a cool open coupe sports car and that something is happiness.
 This is the only gift which stays with you forever; whenever you walk back to those memories you know that you have people to care about. But these people are not earned easily they are weaved in your love nest with your modesty, love, care and truth. The realisation left me with a smile on my face and forcing me to close the chrome window showing million dollar jobs offers which can be mine after a successful pursuit of MBA.
I realised that whatever you buy with that uncountable money but you can’t buy true friends, you can’t buy that happiness which comes when you feel the warmth of that whipped cream on your whole face and the wet cheeks when you hurt somebody but know from inside that you can’t live without him/her.
Don’t be late because a chance lost is a change lost...
Happy birthday to that someone and thanks for making me learn a very important subject of the life...


  1. aweseome.. Now my Firagi is back!!

    1. yupss shayad :P
      continue to

  2. And this topic is so deep that my whole life hangs in balance on this one...we all have been seeing an illusion of happiness all our lives.Cars,phones,villas,skyscapers,money,money,money and more money...it's like we become too materialistic as we grow up. And this virtual world of internet , the false feeling of being connected , having a thousand 'friends' is a lie of this era, pasting a smile at will,why is everything superficial? . What do we accomplish afterall?Do we really ever experience prolonged happiness? we earn money that we do not have time to enjoy, we save money which lives longer than we live and fight with everyone over it !
    Where does happiness comes into the picture? It just feeds on your account balance...you have a healthy account,well you have the means of 'happiness' and people you ' love' at your side.So , is happiness not a self-existent and self-thriving entity?
    I believe it is and that is true happiness. That can only be felt if one is independent of money : either in its excess or absence. But 'excess of money' is a non-existent phrase,isn't it?Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg do not say they have excess of money,they are hungry for more. None says that he has excess of money. Once we discard the impossible,remaining is the truth. Hence,we can say that absence/lack/adequate amount of money is a way to true happiness! But wait, is that possible? I have some ideas about it ....I would like to have your views on achieving
    "prolonged happiness" :)

  3. Man, you hit the bulls-eye
    Totally agree with you, it's a perfect mix of both
    Too much or too less, both proves to be fatal
    Imagine a birthday with no cakes,candles,masks,drinks and snacks and lot of people around
    and then imagine a birthday with too much amount of drinks,snacks,cakes,decorations etc but no one around
    Does either of them sounds interesting!!!

    1. Exactly..a perfect combination is what you require every time and hence more than materialistic approach emotional quotient plays an important role
      Anyway thanks for reading and providing me with your opinion :D

  4. I too realized that money is not the key to happiness. Loving others and being loved back is the best thing that can happen.
    Nicely written.

    1. True Anupam Joseph. Now, I am content with this experience and will always be...Thanks for your time :)

  5. End of it happiness in directly proportional to contentment. And contentment comes with acceptance and being thankful for what we already have. Nobody is eternally happy or sad by the way.

    1. True Chaitali Ma'am... That's what the reality is and the thing is that without happiness there is no sadness and vice versa.


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