The tranquillity of white

I was walking to my station in the freaking hot day after finishing one of the worst practical I ever faced. It was the first time that I was not able to convince my lecturer about what I said. I was feeling ashamed of calling myself an engineer as it is taught to us- “If you can’t convince confuse them.
Glucon-D hoarding was providing me the cool shelter for last five minutes as there was no sign of my vehicle, which would carry me to metro station. While waiting for my ‘wheel on palace’ (sic), my pupil sensitized my retina with a group of people carrying a dead body and chanting the name of god for the corpse soul’s peace.
It was not the first time I had seen a dead body but it was the first time for my mind was feeling the pain of bad practical and could match the wavelength with it. The soreness of bad practical exam was overshadowed by their moaning. While men were chanting out loudly “Ram Naam Satya Hai”, women were crying and seeing their mother cry small kids could not stop but cry.
The white cloth on the corpse had soaked all the colours of life and was perfectly proving the law of light spectrum we had studied in our senior secondary classes. The shell was unperturbed by the weight of garlands and the deep moaning of people.
He had already boarded the flight to heaven, while we still worry about our future, we crib for bad and we cry for worst. After death everything becomes quiet, everything becomes calm,cold.
I learnt one thing that day that we have a very small life to live, it’s better to live it rather than die every day scrutinising every problem and crying for it. The present is perfect and future will be perfect if we realize our life’s importance and carry it with us.

There is no hurry or rush and there is no burden of ‘LIFE’. This is what we call tranquillity of white....


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