The Exam Horror Helpline-1

While my novel writing was going through a tough time due to exams and exams and exams, my mind was having a gala time. He had everything to screw up the image of multi-semester and year back systems of engineering colleges.

I was concerned with the huge syllabus and my lack of concentration towards the electronics subjects. Picking up the book and straight away hitting the road with pen and notebook was a waste of time. This was just like I was preparing for my IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams.
The days are less and the burden is massive. I devised a plan so that I can acquire maximum output in least possible time. The time management has become the key to success in every field and exams are no different.
Since the exams are approaching and you need a way out of this traumatic situation, so here what you have to do first...

A timetable...yes a time table is the most important part of the time management. With minimum efforts you can acquire a good percentage of output from yourself. I won’t say hundred percent output because that’s not possible being a human.
What you require is twelve hours of serious dedication. I call it “12HD”.
A sample time table for the “morning stars” can be as follows:
Time on your clock:
Target to achieve
07:30 am
Wake up and get ready for early start up but don’t forget almonds J
08:00-10:30 am
A new topic from the toughest subject
10:30-11:00 am
Just relax now, have your breakfast man J
11:00-02:00 pm
A three hour grill for the subject having vast syllabus
02:00-03:30 pm
Now it’s time to have lunch and take rest/watch TV
03:30-06:00 pm
It time to get back to your studies...a simpler subject can be worked upon
06:00-06:30 pm
It’s time for a stroll in the lavish green park without sleepers to get freshen up after this much hard work
06:30-09:00 pm
The pre-dinner session is an important one...a subject which requires a lot of cramming can be taken care of
09:00-10:30 pm
It time to have mom made dinner and TV. The most important part of the day where you can introspect your lag and your lead
10:30-00:00 am
It’s time to wrap up the things by having a look on what have you learnt today. Revision is the most important aspect of preparation
00:00-00:15 am
In this period next day’s syllabus break up can be done and then hit the bed... Good night dear J

I know it is difficult to manage a time table or planner but a daily scheduling and re-scheduling can be done to cope up with the huge burden of studies. It is just a sample time table. You can prepare a schedule like this depending upon your Alert points (AP) and lazy points (LP) of yours and your body.
In this way a twelve hour preparation will put you way ahead of others. It will take 4-5 days to get settle with your daily schedule; but as soon as you achieve this you will achieve more in your life and it will automatically increase your output.

So this was the first step towards a better life and time management. In next article we will deal with other ways to increase our output. So start today as I say “A chance lost is a change lost”....

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