Every'thing' does matter

 The busy life was going busy and busy and busy, with our college magazine editing and interviews still pounding on our head and result’s trauma centre working really hard to revive the passion towards studies.
I was completing my practical file, while my friend was busy fighting with a meek guy about opening and closing of door due to unbearable suffocation she was dealing with. Eventually that person called two friends of his as he realized he didn’t stand any chance in front of her and a well or should I say ‘over’ well build guy like me.

His action forced me to shout “Hey! You are f**king Janani (A Punjabi can describe its meaning really nicely)” and before I could do anything, this statement had already ripped apart his dam of emotions.

He: Hey, how dare you call me Janani?  I never called them to show you how strong my back is. I just told them that please come otherwise Mrigank will be in danger.
My head was down and was listening him with a smile on my face.
My mind was much more interested in that dialog convey than I was, so he said...

My mind: Man how can a person 3 inches shorter than you, nearly 20 kilogram lighter than you bully you? Smash his head and shut his mouth.

He: Man don’t you dare to take “Panga (mess)” with me. My back is so strong that if I call the then they will take much better care of you than I need to.
I was still quite and didn’t speak a single word. My smile was telling everything.
Then after pouring his heart out he went with his friends outside.

This instant made me think...


Sometimes you feel that you are the king/queen of the world and you start hallucinating that no one can be better than you.
You find someone better than you and your kingdom of dreams breaks. Don’t let you down. Take yourself to that level at which you can proudly say “I am the king/queen of the world J”.
I am not saying I am better than him, he might have so called better back than I have but in the end your size, your actions, your speech and you do matter. So think twice what you say or do as EVERYTHING matters...


  1. when u r describing something be honest with it completly.. coz a persone out of two .. whose speaking for u,, also feels when counted in against..
    everything matters buddy

    1. I am not counting you in that..I was just telling...he called two of his friends...I know you spoke for me..But the truth is the this only...and I know this is I am much closer than him to you :)
      Regards to my dear friend
      from his dear friend

  2. Hah!
    Sometimes one ought to be proactive rather than reactive..

  3. Hah!
    Sometimes one ought to be proactive rather than being reactive..

  4. Hah !
    Sometimes one ought to be proactive rather than reactive..

  5. really evrything does matter!! a nyce page with cool idea !!


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