The Exam Horror Helpline-2

In last article we discussed at time table is the first and the foremost part of time management. I got 6 emails regarding:
“Hey! What should be the next step buddy?”
And I was... “WOHOHO man! I never expected this type of response!” 
But thanks and more importantly congratulation to those who have decided to change and set up a routine in their life. But all of those who couldn’t manage to stick to timetable need not to worry much as I have something simpler way to help you pull out more output from you. Actually, this thing will push you to do this.

This is called STEP i.e. Set Target and Enjoy Productivity.

This will help you to manage your time and hence will lead you to prime goal of sticking to timetable.
In this what you have to do is that you have to set a target for the day...
   “   OK, today I will do operating system’s first unit and Communication system’s angle modulation.”

        And after completing this you will be happy from inside and now it’s time to enjoy the hard work by giving a small treat to yourself. It can be your favourite ice-cream or your favourite snack.
        By doing this you feel self motivated that yes you have achieved something. But again you have to keep your AP and LP in mind.
         In next article will tell you how to check your output of the time you spend on your study table. This will be interesting because in the end the quantitative analysis does matter a lot.

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  1. bullseye , complementing yourself is a vital process, just like to add one thing all what you wanted to say or will tell could be tagged under "RAISE YOUR STANDARDS", isn't it ? as the time you do that life turns around :)

    1. "RAISE YOUR STANDARDS".........yups thats what I was looking for :)


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