The Mahabharata Quest (The Alexander Secret) by Christopher C. Doyle-A Book Review

The Mahabharata Quest by Christopher C. Doyle
ISBN: 9384030597 
Edition Language: English
Publish Date: 8th October 2016 by Westland Books Private Limited
Page Count: 355

The Mahabharata Quest by Christopher C. Doyle is the second book by him and the first of the series of The Alexander Secret. The author tries to explore the science behind the great mythology of Mahabharata and this talks about one of the most talked episodes of the mythology-Samudramanthan.

The main protagonist, Vijay together with Radha and Colin had already been successful in foiling the mission of The Order last time and seeing their capability and the threat that looms over the world, the USA and India get into a pact of information and military assistance to avoid any such threats in future. Vijay, Radha, Shukla Ji and Colin are now a part of this special task force led my Imran from India and Patterson from the USA.

The story revolves around a myth that Alexander the Great rode towards the point where the world ends; the land of Indus in search of an elixir of life which could have helped him to become the God which he always proclaimed to be one; the son of Zeus.

In order to protect the world from any inappropriate usage of this so-called elixir, the brotherhood called the ‘Nine Men’ created a cube which could be passed on to the future members of brotherhood so that only they could know where it lies. On the other hand, The Order is behind this secret and is in Pursuit of Vijay and his ex-girlfriend Alice to get the information out of them.

The story starts off little slow, but just to clear the context of the story and the characters. It revolves around two era-Present days where “The order” and Vijay’s team try to decipher the verses written on the cube and the 334BC where Alexander the Great leaves his beautiful country in the quest for this secret. It suddenly picks up the pace in the middle where all the pieces start to form a bigger picture, still withholding few for the second part of this series.

Lots of research has gone behind the concept which the author brings out and full marks for the way he has described or at least tried to describe the science behind DNA transcription, retrovirus, bacteriophage, Telomeres and ageing and the completely new deduction of the myth behind Samudramanthan. It’s one of the finest read till now for me as I never thought mythology can be alternated like this too.  I urge people to read this fantastic book written by Christopher C. Doyle and research little bit about Samudramanthan to absorb the beauty of our mythology.

Rating time:

Disclaimer- The rating is based on my personal thinking and can vary person to person. The scoring has been done out of five. I believe each book is readable and imparts knowledge irrespective of the rating. Though, the rating can make your choices easier and can save you from making some good choices from better choices in your reading life cycle.

Plot and narrative stamina: 4.5        
Stylistic Invention: 3.0
Craftsmanship: 3.0
Characters: 3.5
Credible Dialogue: 3.0

Overall: 3.5

To understand the meaning of above rating criteria, you can refer to my previous book reviews:


  1. Great review, Mrigank. Eager to read this book. :)

    1. It's totally worth it..Plus Christopher has released the two more books check these out:


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