Murder Mystery-Chapter 9:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
Previously on Murder Mystery: Samaera was found dead while Sahil was found negotiating with someone in a dark alley . Samaera's post mortem was going on while media was busy speculating about the murder. Sahil was in big problem and Ratan was trying desperately to prove Sahil as a murderer. Mishra Ji get's the report. Sahil makes a big announcement and so does the police department.

The press conferences which happened on the same day were the biggest hit on all media houses. Breaking news and twitter handles were flashing on the screen, debates were happening on prime time and people have started discussing the murder mystery of Samaera.

Sahil entered his cabin and sat on his favourite red leathered seat, which was gifted by his wife when he celebrated his 40th birthday. The upholstery was little torn and the seat must have seen much better days in past, but still he never replaced it. He caressed his oak mounted table, which was neatly made with files in one place, his laptop at another corner and a tabletop digital picture frame running a slideshow of some of the best moments he spent with his wife, staff and clients during his tenure in Samaera’s enterprise.

He was in two states of mind, one wanted to cry and the other wanted him to strong and vengeful of what have happened in his life lately. He was not happy to leave this company who he had built with his own hands, but, there was no other alternative for him.

He ordered his secretary to come inside his cabin. Tanushree was an angel. She was too beautiful to work in this corporate world. She wanted to become a super model, but she couldn’t go against her father’s will so she joined this world of money, power, and deceit. She was a nice friend of Sahil and Samaera; after all, she had been the part of Samaera’s enterprise for last one decade.

“Is there anything left for me to look at before I surrender my signing power?” He sounded dejected, but still maintained calm in his voice.

“Nothing as of now Sahil and can I say something?” Tanushree asked; skeptical whether to ask or not.

“Hmmm…Ya sure. Please tell me, dear. Anyway, now I have a lot of time for myself and you.” It was hard to say that last sentence for him.

“Hmmm…leave it will talk about it later. The car is waiting for you. I would have asked you to come with me at my place, but the situation is grim right now and I don’t want any more trouble for you.”

“Sure. Thanks, Tanushree. Please send all the personal files to my ho…apartment. Also, just check the locker for me. You know what I mean” He stood up and walked out of the cabin, leaving the door open behind him.


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