Here’s why I hate Feminism:

Feminazi- A dangerous creature living on our planet
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An article written by a friend of mine triggered this thought in my mind. When I and my friends sit together and talk about the happenings of the world; most of the time the conversation ends up on females (Ya we are authentic bachelors).  Since we are working in the corporate world we come across a hell lot of “types” of women (Not being sexist here).

I have come across a lot of women who claim to be a feminist but actually are Feminazi.

Earlier even I was not knowing the difference (hence the heading). The difference, you ask? Hmmm…here it is:

Feminist: If you believe that man and woman should have equal rights. Then you are a feminist. You are not extreme, it’s actually cool and I support you completely. A big round of applause for you!

Feminazi: Well, let’s put it in this way. You need a batsperson and not a batsman on the cricketing pitch or you want snowman to be called as snowperson. In short, you are a hypocrite, who says one thing and do completely opposite. So, you didn’t get it. Here is as an example:

A friend of mine went for a lunch with a girl, whom he recently met in office. They were deeply engrossed in an argument about what equality actually means to a woman.

My friend: I am so tired of this conversation now. I get it you believe in equality. Hands down you win. Let’s ask for the bill.Girl: Ya, I mean it should be everywhere. Why should boys have all the fun? Woman and Man should always be equal.

…..Bill comes….

My friend: Hmmm…Let’s split then.
Girl: How rude? Where is your chivalry?
It was the facepalm moment for my friend. So, that girl basically is not feminist she is a huge fucking hypocrite, in short, a Feminazi.

People like these have made life miserable for feminist as well as man (Ya I would like to distinguish). Women like these are the reason that marriages break as they take feminism to altogether different level of radicalism. She is actually a sexist (A feminazi can’t be a man, for god sake).

Did you get it now? No…Oh! C’mon. Ok, one more example.

That’s the conversation I heard recently while travelling in a bus while coming back from my office.

Girl 1: I am going on a date with my bae (my dictionary doesn’t even recognise this word), so was thinking to shave my legs today. Let’s stop at a medico for awhile.
Girl 2: Are you kidding me? That’s what all men want. They want girls to like you to give into the pressure of looking attractive in front of them.

Ha! What? I couldn’t help but laugh on this conversation. The way the first girl said was like the world is coming to an end and the reply she got from her friend was…hmmm…let’s say radical. By the way, girl 2 is a feminazi and not a feminist. So if you find such a creature walking on the road, just run for your life. They don’t believe in killing of men. They believe in their natural extinction.
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Put your comments below on what you think about this creature wandering in this world and what's your thought about this article. Waiting anxiously!
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  1. Hi Mrigank,
    A very good article indeed.
    Fellow Alumni

  2. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for finding time to read my article. Glad you like it. :)
    And Sir no need to write "fellow Alumni"'..your name is enough for me sir

  3. I used to believe in feminism and supported it for quite long, but then i got to see the ground reality and things you wrote are exactly the way it is in real.
    This got me to hate myself for doing it for so long but then i decided to find out what makes feminists aka feminazi and why it's difficult to curb it.

    This is my conclusion till date:
    All these feminazis used to be the innocent Cinderella kind of girl waiting for their prince, they got one and they dedicated everything to them but alas it didn't last forever. They realised that their prince charming was actually not the one like the movie.

    Meanwhile the prince realised that she isn't Cinderella either and he too was into a fantasy. Once the reality creeped in, things started to fall apart. Now, someone is to be blamed but here comes the interesting part.
    Girl end: She gets pampered, she is told to remain strong by female friends, male friends give their support thinking to be their prince charming and they continue to search for their prince charming
    Boy end: He gets mocked by his friend, can't share and cry about being hurt, get's depressed and all and left alone but their is nothing he can do. So he decides to forget all these b*** s*** and move on.

    Both of them becomes guarded and keep blaming the opposite gender. Fiminazis gets heard but malenazis are left to sink it inside themselves, losers you see and this circle continues.

    The entire human race is tricked into following something which is un-natural. Humans are polygamous, they keep falling in and out of love but that's not accepted in the society and hence the blame game starts and will continue as long as they will have un-natural expectations.

    Those who get to stay away from it, the unlucky ones join the hate club of respective gender and the saga continues.
    Now you will ask me what about the ones that actually work?
    Now that my friend are the ones who decided to accept the reality and adjust with it or they are the ones whom life forgot to teach a lesson but if you will ever ask them the secret to make it work, you will find that they both placed more effort into loving each other's flaws instead of hating each other's gender.

    1. The way you have described is way better than mine...Loved it and on the other hand want to say that it's the sad part of the world which we have to accept to be happy and tender. :)
      Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and providing this insight, which will add to my knowledge.
      I apologize for late reply, was away from my laptop for some days, though added an article in between but due to some issues my comments were not getting published.
      Loved it and thanks again :)

  4. Hey! This is a good write-up.. I was reading your review on Rozabel line and stumbled here and I'm glad that I did. Basically I guess we should use Speciesism instead of feminazi.. These creatures are against everything and everyone. They are against humans :) They hate men and also women, who supports men by applying feminism. Funny though how people's mind works :)

    We don't need feminism. We need equality, respect, and love among all the living beings.. :)

    1. The term sounded funny to me and hence picked up. But true, equality, respect and love is something we all seek and we all shall get it one day.
      Thanks for your time and reading the things I write :)


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