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Legacy is the only thing you leave behind....
A bachelor giving the advice to wake up early in the morning sounds crazy, isn’t it? You may call me one, but, I felt like sharing a secret which might be beneficial for you people; people whom I love the most.

I used to crib a lot earlier that I don’t have enough time in my day and before I can even start the day ended, but now waking every morning at 5:30 has changed the way I look at my clock.

So, without further ado let’s start so that I can sleep peacefully after this.

All great people start their day early: There is a saying that early bird catches the worm and there might be some truth to this old adage. From the CEOs to the sportsperson everyone wakes up to knock out some tasks before people start rolling out of the bed. While the corporate leaders like sending emails, checking their news feeds and going for a long jog; sportspersons like to hit gym and ground training. Example Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 am (Eh, this is a bit too early) and goes ahead with his e-mails while Virat Kohli (My idol) wakes up pretty early to hit the gym.

Psychological boost: When you wake up at say 5:30 am, you start your day earlier than around 6.9 billion people, which gives you a psychological boost, a feel good factor. It motivates you to stay ahead so that you can maintain or even widen the lead. For example, my modus operandi for the early start is to hit the gym early, come back and take a bath, sit my breakfast, and read the daily newspaper, while I see my roommate still lost in his dreams. I have already done the things which would have consumed time later in my day which I could have used for other things.

Productivity increases:  I have personally felt this when I wake up early I work on a completely different level of energy, it’s like I have activated some part of my brain which pushes my body to reach the pinnacle. When I wake up late, even after same hours of sleep my productivity decreases and I tend to slow down and take things pretty slow. Also, the early rise gives you a conducive environment to work.

Timeliness: While I see people in my home rushing to use the bathroom, eating while locking the door and still getting late for their work, on the other hand, I have enough time to make myself a nice breakfast and a nice newspaper to add flavour to my day. Plus if you know, you have given up those extra ten minutes of snooze time for important things you will value the importance the time even more.

Energy: Since last six months I have noticed that my body reacts to this sleeping pattern little differently and which is pleasantly surprising. The energy I have in me is altogether different-A live wire sort of thing. I had a very much dispersed energy pattern until March of this year, but now my body has got an on-off button which I can control. Whenever I need energy for some task (say deadlifts or dance) I know I can pull out energy and whenever I want I can just lie down and sleep instantly.

Welcome back hobbies: Earlier my schedule was just office to home and home to office and I got bored of this schedule. I had to bring something exciting in my life to kill this boredom and I brought this habit of waking up early. Now I can pursue my hobby of cooking food, to read a book daily for an hour (Completed 17 books in last 5 months), to write something every day and to meet new people. Some excitement has come back and I now look forward to the next day.

Explore the nature: Whenever I get time I make sure to go to a beach and see the sunrise, it’s an amazing feeling. Waves crashing on the shore, not much people around, cool water and the source of light coming out of the sea. If not beach, try exploring the nature around you. Go for cycling, a jog and take a detour to explore new places when traffic is less, pollution is less and noise is less.

Sleep early: By waking up early doesn’t mean that you have to cut down your sleeping hours. Try to sleep early. Six hours of sleep is important and one should take it. There is one benefit which I have noticed; you don’t drink much at late night parties as you know you have to wake up early next morning. So you are indirectly saving your body from too much of alcohol (Sometimes it's ok, enjoying life is also important, cmon one peg from my side).

And how exactly you do that?

Well, for that; don’t hit that snooze button of your smartphone. Get out of bed quickly and go to your balcony and breathe in the fresh air. Gulp down a glass of water and stretch your body to remove lethargy and lousiness. But, don’t bring drastic changes in sleep pattern and take it easy. For me, it took approximately 3 weeks to get into this pattern; it wasn’t a day’s magic.

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Changes in me after switching to new paradigm...
So all the best and keep #DiscoveringNewInYou 


  1. Aptly said but all these are valid for people who wants to fit into the society, the norms, follow the standards of success.
    It also brings you in sync wit natural clock and hence the benefits.
    However, the discovery of artificial light have provided an opportunity to break the cycle. It's the only possible way for urban dwellers to be at peace, something which is not available anymore in busy life and hence the need. Try visiting extremely remote areas and you will hardly find anyone awake at midnight. It's a need, something they do without even realising the reason behind it.
    BTW, i find Dec 2016 pic to be more energetic than the July 2016 one ;)

    1. Correction: Dec 2015 instead of Dec 2016

    2. I totally understand and accept your point and the view, I was more inclined towards the standards of the success. Thanks for the complement though. :)


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