The Child in You- A Genius:

I started my journey to Bangalore from Chennai, in a double Decker train. It’s a nice concept to carry more people on a track which is one of the busiest during weekends. There was a certain excitement in me, just like a kid when he travels for the first time in a train or a plane. I remember my first flight to Nepal, which didn’t allow me to sleep on the eve of my flight. I don’t remember my first train journey, but my mom says, I made my first girl friend during my first train experience, which is actually hilarious, knowing I would have been just 3 or 4 years old.

We all remember our childhood days, the innocence that dripped from our face, even when we did something evil. Eyes starry and drooling face was the perfect enactment to emanate trust. We knew how we have to market our innocence, how to put forward our desires and each wish was fulfilled.
During my stay in Delhi, I spent some time with my niece, an angel with a tinge of naughtiness and abundance of curiosity to know everything. Seeing her, I realized how a child has a special power to learn things, unlearn things and learn things again. They observe something and if they like it they absorb it. As we grow old, we forget this beautiful habit of molding ourselves and to unlearn something, which is not right for us.

We can learn a lot about marketing research from the kids. They keep following one target, observing things, may be unknowingly but they do a lot of research, before launching their campaign regarding a specific habit or a product they wish to acquire. They know when to cry to get something, similar to companies which know when to come in front to market a product (Fair an Lovely and Ponds). They know how to build trust, just like companies do with each new campaign (recently seen in Nestle Maggi Campaign). They research like big firms, they acquire (mom’s bosoms or a toy), just like big firms (Not mom’s bosoms: -P).

On 31st December, I attended a launch event of friend’s restaurant in Chennai. I was Waiting for Wi-Fi Anna (With love), to inaugurate the restaurant, when I saw a very child, full of energy roaming here and there, while his father following him like a body guard. He never came near me, but was quite famous between the girls (Mom have I lost that cuteness now?). I got a brilliant idea to attract some crowd for the restaurant and out sourced the kid’s energy for the same. You will say child labour, I will say smart work. The idea was a big success, just to see that kid, girls came, families having small kids came and due to the girls, boys came. I learnt that day that to market something, it’s not just women wearing short clothes and talking in seductive tone (Do they pursue NLP course?) is not required to sell something. Even a basic act of cuteness with a drop of naughtiness can work.
We have to learn a lot and the best teacher can be a kid, because he is a genius.

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