Love- Like an old Wine:

Love is like an old wine
My trip to Bangalore was over and it was time to take the same double decker train to Chennai. It was a trip which enriched my knowledge about the business, marketing, operations and ethics by few notches. My brother being a first generation entrepreneur gave lots of heads up about how he runs his company, which he will be revamping to (suggested by me Bro, any royalty? :P) soon.  How he is running the operations, equities, marketing, Adsense etc.  I also gave some ideas over a glass of cold micro brewed beer at Toit, and I hope few will soon come into picture.  And ya, congratulations on getting hitched brother.

Coming back to the train, I feel like sharing some of my experiences with the world or at least few who read my blog. In front of me was an old couple, both might be touching 70s, and with no conversation at all as if don’t know each other and on my left was a couple, newly married, a very talkative and intimate couple. The train started on time, and I could see trees going in opposite direction, sun shining just over the train and children running side by side, waving at the train. For first time I felt like a movie star, while giving back flying kiss. :-D

Best is yet to come...
The food was served in an hour and I quickly took out my skills of fork and knife, to show the world how sophisticated I am. My eyes went on the old woman’s hand and it was brutally cut by something and being south Indian, it was difficult for her to eat by hand. The old man, with his shivering hand fed the old woman, while she had a smile which told everything about the love they share, even after so many years of relationship and marriage. Though they didn’t talk much, may be had shared everything way back when they were young, but shared a bond which doesn’t require any definition, any explanation or conversation.  It was one the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

Out of curiosity, I looked on my left to see how the newlywed couple is handling the business. The woman was sleeping, while the man was busy mixing some ketchup to the fried rice served by the caterer. He woke up his wife, asked her to eat something and then went back to his business as usual at that point of time of eating. I felt little strange at that point of time; some time before they were busy talking, gazing in eyes of each other and smiling, and now he didn’t even care to take her feedback.

I realized that the love is like a wine, the older it gets the better it tastes. We complain that there is nothing left to talk, nothing to explore in each other and we forget it’s the subtlety of the relationship you share which matters. It’s not the label of wine which tells the taste, it’s the years it took to get matured, it’s the last sip which tells that you want a little more of it, it’s the after taste which stays with you forever and you are left wanting for more. Don’t just let it go, if you find someone, just make sure that the screw is tight that the aroma of love doesn’t fade away. #DiscoverLoveInYou #DiscoverNewInYou...


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