Extroverts- A Beautiful Chaos:

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I have already declared in my last article  "Being Introvert-You Sexy"that I am an introvert and hence it can sound little biased, please ignore the ignorance and enjoy the article.

How you find an extrovert?

If a person wakes up in the morning and the first question he asks “Where are human beings? Please give me someone whom I can share my tooth brush time.” You got one there.

But what makes them someone to be with?

Chaos is my birth right:
Extroverts are known to be chaotic. They like creating a fuss about everything. It’s Diwali, they don’t want just candles, they want candle too, so that they can jump on the sparks and push others to do the same. But that’s something fun.

A book of experience:
They are socially active people, meeting new people and hence having a lot of different experiences. Their failure has a story and their success story is always epic. They develop a sense of belonging with everyone and off course they are charming.

I hate being slow:
They are too outing to be slow. Hence, they move ahead in their professional lives much faster than anybody else. They know how to bond with people, impress people and leave a long lasting impression. They exhibit confidence and spread a lot of energy wherever they go.

I don’t shy away:
They don’t shy away from expressing themselves in front of others. They feel sick, if they can’t express and stress increases if get stuck on an isolated island. So, if you find an extrovert who looks sick, rather than asking for medicine talk to him/her and I bet he/she will be fine.

In house entertainment:
They don’t get easily bored and every single moment something crazy is cooking inside their head. They keep everyone around them entertained. They like the spotlight and the attention they get by doing crazy stuff.

But, I don’t flirt:
They way they communicate make them look like a flirt. They know how to strike a conversation with anyone about anything under the sun and the confidence they ooze looks like they are having open sexual availability. So, don’t get disheartened if you find on later stage that it was just a conversation and not flirting.

Phew...tired and need some alone time now. So are you an extrovert or an introvert? If the above points fit in your resume, then make some noise and let the party begin. I know you will be busy “flirting” with someone but still if time permits, #DiscoverNewInYou...


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