The great Indian sex education:

This article is both work of some crazy idea and Indian moral values. During the writing session, no animal, single cell organism, orgasm or Tushhar Kapoor (unfortunately) was killed. It has every fucking resemblance to what Indian politics has become and Arnab Goswani's "Nation wants to know, Am I an asshole?"
The content is for adults +18. Parent's discretion required.
Ohhh!...who gives a shit to this...Just read it and forget it...


India is known for three great things. There is one Taj Mahal; the epitome of love, some call it, seeing which all ladies go GaGa; who was actually built by a mother f***er (Yes, I mean he slept with his sixth wife to get his what 14th kid or something and when she died, he then married her sister and became sister F...ahem that's a different story), with due respect to its magnificent architecture. Then it’s Bandra Worli Sea link, who is smaller than some nigga's dick (or I think they think so) and then comes this sex education of India.

I mean if Mallika Sherawat is not into news for her pictures with ‘AKON’, then these politicians take the cue from this and bombards Arnab Goswani for all his "Nation wants to know his fuck stories stuff".

I heard this news of our so called Health minister, who wants to teach us moral values than ‘this’ (Thing which should not be named); actually we can't blame him, he is actually trying to safeguard us from STDs. But, he just forgot that national calls are now cheaper than local ones. Bad joke...I know...I know.

Someone has to buy him a bottle of addiction deodorant so that he can scratch the code and date Sunny Leone for day to learn secrets of ‘life’. 

I mean for god sake man, we are not Chinese. Nothing is banned here. We still have Angst Aunty and Savita bhabhi to take care of ever rising desires.

Next we will have someone saying Asaram Bapu and his virginity.

Man we are the people who 'invented' Kamasutra not NaughtyAmerica and what we get is a page in NCERT depicting reproduction of a bacteria and virus or fungus or protozoa. 

I think they should start giving this CD of a film with the book. What's the name of the character which had that fucking ex roadie?
Yes, Vicky donor.

Growup Sirji and get a idea or else 'Abki baar, Tushhar mera yaar'.

Talking about sex is not bad, it’s our mentality which sucks. I don’t know why we are afraid of even speaking about this word in front of people. If the admission form says ‘Sex’, we try to erase it and write Gender. India has a population of 1.25 billion and it’s high time that people should know the implications of sex, what it is and everything XYZ of it, especially adolescent, so that they know what they are doing is right or wrong. Time has changed and hence mentality has to change...

As I say; A chance lost is a change lost...


  1. Dude you are absolutely correct !!!

    1. Thanks..hoping you continue to read my posts in future too :)

  2. LOL...well written post..with an element of truth in it

    1. I write my blog for this element only..happy that you found that in this article :)

  3. only the last paragraph made some fucking sense!

    1. Yups...the first part was more for building on topic...for making sense few lines are enough..and for not the whole won't make any difference :)

  4. Oh, it's not that bad ;)
    You already mentioned about the population and kamasutra.
    Proof of our involvement in such activities.
    Sexting is the most played game of this age.
    Thanks to sms,fb,whatsapp,gtalk.
    Getting involved in a relationship is of topmost priority to majority of us.
    Talking about it is the favourite pass time in every friend circle.

    The only thing one needs to know is:
    "Never ever ever ever again say something as ridiculous as sex in public"
    Do the f*** you want in private, just don't talk about it.
    Aur isse kehte hain SANSKAAR

    1. Correctly said dear...second that :)

    2. And here i thought you got bored of reading your own blog :p


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