Room Number 269:

The sun was out and the birds could be seen trying to touch the sky and making enough noise, as if telling me “Wake up, if we are trying why aren’t you?”

I woke up with dreary eyes still trying to recollect the dream I saw last night. The pillow was resting on the floor, covered by a bed sheet. Lamp was flickering periodically with a little pause here and there on the side table, completely made up of wood with some Italian design on the top, and a known fragrance was tickling my nose. My head was throbbing, as if hit by something hard. I was half covered with a white blanket which had a dark red stain on it. I could sense something on the right side of my forehead; a bruise. My fingers quickly rushed towards that bruise, to be surprised by a medicated tape.

‘Was I hit by a mob?’ I thought with a rather strange feeling of excitement. But, I couldn’t recall anything; ‘May be because of the bruise’, I thought.

I stood up and then I realised that I was in an unknown territory. I panicked but more importantly I was shocked that I was without my shirt and jeans.

‘Am I abducted by someone? Holy Shit!’, my heart has already started doing its work of pumping excessive blood to my brain and legs. I searched for the exit door, but before that I needed something to cover myself.

Fortunately, a bath robe came to my rescue, hanging behind the door of the bathroom. I wrapped myself with that cloth, which was oozing some horrid smell. I looked in the mirror, cracked from the middle; adorned by few Barbie stickers on the bottom left. My nose had a big scratch and my lower lip had a cut. I was confused seeing my condition and was feeling a little restless as I was not able to process the details of last night.

I came out, scratching my head and trying to join the dots.

“AAAAaaaaaa, what the fuck?” Now I could see a girl sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to find her slippers, I guessed.

‘Am I drugged or something? Where the hell I am? What the hell is this?’ thinking furiously, with my eyes completely exhibiting my puzzled state.

“Oh! Hi, I am Rose. Do you know where I left my clothes yesterday?” she asked me like everything was normal. Her green eyes were lavishing, perfect body with ample amount of fat on the correct ‘locations’, enough to make me fall in love with her. She was constantly staring at me or perhaps my nose. I was staring at her pink lips. A small cut could be seen on her chin.

“Yes, I know. What the heck is going on here? Did we sleep....ummm...together last night?” lowering my tone a little bit from the former question and still lost in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, we are safe here. And no we didn’t sleep together last night? Why do all men think that if the clothes are gone then it means that the night was dedicated to sex?” she was sounding infuriated.

“I am sorry. I am in a bamboozled state. I am not able to connect anything. We are in this dingy room, I am now wearing this shitty robe and you still not wearing anything (my eyes still admiring her beauty), we both are bruised and I....” I wanted to continue but words deserted me.

“Actually last night we both were quite high, sitting in a club downtown. I don’t remember much though. I remember some gun shots, a baseball bat and you shouting like baby (clearly making fun of me) and the next thing I know we were in the bed of this room.” She looked equally mystified and irritated.

“And, now? I mean what should we do now? I am pretty much freaked out. New place, new 'state' and all I know is you, this room and getting high last night. By the way, do you know something about my clothes too?”, looking away from her as she started dressing up.

“I think we should go out to visualise the scene, maybe then we can acquire some intel on what happened to us last night. I don’t know about your freaking clothes.” she said while wearing her top.

“Are you a cop? I mean usually “Intel” is used by cops or agents only. I have heard that in an episode of Castle.”  We walked to towards the door to exit that terrible room.

“No, I also learnt that word from Castle only” she chuckled. Her smile instantly washed away all my pain and irritation.      

I closed the door and turned.

And, now all I remember, though hazily is the room number-269, Rose, that conversation we had and me writing this article. I am still unable to connect the dots.

If you can tell what happened, do let me know by commenting below...    


  1. Man, you are dreaming even in your imagination ;) :p

    1. Dream and imagination walks hand in hand my friend..sometimes you do one in another :P

    2. I choose to disagree..
      Dream is involuntary while imagination is totally opposite of it...
      That's the reason we have two different words for two similar kind of activity :)

    3. Okay, You win sir and see that;s the beauty when you discuss :)


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