The great Indian Secularism

This post is a work of total fiction with resemblance to any dead or alive is deliberate but still I don’t take any responsibility of hurt feelings. During the writing and proof reading no animal, organism, Tushhar Kapoor, Sajid Khan or other jokers were harmed, though I terribly wanted that. If jailed; you can meet me during the visitor’s hours and please come with food; pasta favoured over Chapattis.

Secularism-The life blood of Indian politics. If someone’s speech ends without the use of this word or Arnab Goswami’ show ends without this word being brought up by Meenakshi Lekhi and her gang; it’s an act of blasphemy and you can be forced to pursue your post graduation in Management from IIPM; number ONE in global exposure.

Secularism’s seed was buried by the great King Akbar. He married queens of nearly three major religions to show how secular he was and tried every possible position of Kamasutra during the night to get his “religious” descendants. But did he succeed?

According to a research done by film critics, Sajid Khan and KRK are the living generation of the great king Akbar; so that tyranny can continue. He also tried to get one Hindu descent, but unfortunately he was declared mentally retarded; named Tushhar Kapoor. If he would have been alive today and would have been following his ‘custom’, he could have increased is tally of wife to a number that even lord Krishna’s tally would have looked diminutive.

Every political party has only one agenda-Play on the grounds of secularism, get maximum votes, give reservation and win the fucking elections. India’s growth, GDP, development; all go to hell. The worst part is this reservation, where things have become so ugly that even the majority looks minority and the time will come when they will fight for some reservation in the reservation quota of the reserved reservation for the reserved....Holly shit...what did I just write?
Sometimes I feel, God why India is so secular, can’t you just decrease this complexity and help the people of India to work in the direction of development? Will there be another revolution, which we will be going o witness? When will this bloodshed in the name of the religion stop? Do we need another war for independence?

Oops! No god. Then you will ask which religion’s God am I favouring?


What solution we have...what solution you have?

Don’t just run away from the

Because a chance lost is a change lost...


  1. awesome presentation.. thankz for the article.. :)

    1. Thanks Rahul...will be putting some more in time to come :)

  2. Your posts are getting sarcastic now, nothing actually to think here. Just a rant like every other youngster.
    Gather your thoughts. Don't let the world get to you :)

    1. Might be..the blog is about what you feel..ranting can be a part of person's life when discussing with someone for nothing...I expressed myself..
      I respect your thinking too..thanks for giving few minutes to this article :)


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