Walking Away-07

A story of a friend...by a friend


Read the white board of the class. It was the time when the class dominated by male sex would be getting some girls to spice up college life. The dream was going to come true for many boys.

It was the first time they met Malvika. She was a school friend of Kanishka, and really close to her. Kanishka introduced her with Mridul, Parth and Prateek. She had already told them that Malvika would be joining the college and warned them beforehand that Malvika was a little flirty in nature.

Malvika’s nature matched the wavelength with Prateek and they came closer to each other more than anybody else, though they maintained the tag- “Just Friends”. The days passed and the friendship grew no bounds...

*Chapter 8..coming soon


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