Walking Away-02

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A story of a friend by a friend....

"Hi guys! This is Mridul Gupta” he introduced himself with a smile. Though the introduction was very brief; it was enough to tell what he was like with that smile on his face and gleaming eyes.

Engineering colleges have always lacked such "confidence" as he thought, and when its government college, this could be as rarest as Pluto getting accreditation as ninth planet by Earthlings. He had developed this image way before he joined the college. Government versus Private College; which one was better he was yet to decide. 

Within no time Mridul became part of each personalized group of class.  Few girls were behind him or he thought so, but he was clear about his life goals and his ‘personal’ interests.

The fire in his eyes never went unnoticed by anyone; an average student and a no player in his school time, has changed himself no bounds. The change was nice, he was nominated as the CR and he took the responsibility head on, not knowing what to come in future.

During this stint only, he met Prateek and Parth and within no time they became best of pals. Making fun of some gullible students and disturbing teachers during lectures became their favorite past time, though it always remained healthy, both for teachers as well for other students.

Another past time for them was riding the plastic chairs of canteen for long hours and discussing about anything below the sky. Their talks varied from condom flavors to the high tech development and their future interests...

*Chapter 3 coming shortly...


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