Walking Away-01

A Story of a Friend By a Friend....

“Bhai! You scored 80 percent” Prateek came roaring and waving a piece of paper held high. Usually high on spirit Mridul just, finished his last bite of chapatti and put his lunch box in his bag. Prateek pulled his hand out from the bag and shoved that piece of paper in Mridul’s hand that he was carrying; thinking Mridul would jump and hug him.

Getting marks in an Engineering College was just like the amount of gold you get after a huge investment. Mridul stood up but without showing any ecstasy and left the class room. Prateek stood watching him till he vanished in the swarm.

The sudden change in Mridul was not that sudden as others thought, but it was differently surprising for his friends. He had changed a lot. Usually chirpy and heartthrob of friends has become silent altogether.

“What have happened to him?” Parth exclaimed seeing the strange behavior of his once the dearest friend.

“I don’t know, sometime I get really pissed off by his behavior” said Prateek with a little pain in his voice.

By that time, Mridul was on his way home, with hands in his pocket and lost somewhere in his own thoughts, he nearly missed an accident. As the custom demanded, the man came out of his car, abused him and rushed back towards his car. Mridul paid no heed to the car driver and walked passed him.


  1. why is there a sense of incompleteness?

    1. I didn't get you Sharmila...If you can be more detailed..maybe I can help..
      Plus I have already uploaded 11 chapters (if that's what you are talking about)..
      Sorry for being naive


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