Murder Mystery-Chapter 6:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
The police station was a grimy place; fan circling around a small motor at a speed which felt slower than the earth’s revolution. Mishra Ji was sitting, eyes closed, on a cross netted chair in his cabin, which was shrieking because of his weight. Sweat beads were forming on his forehead mixed with the hair oil he must have applied in the morning. Few registers were lying opened on the table haphazardly, enjoying the stains of tea, oil and ink. The constable standing near him was animatedly talking to a crook sitting on the floor, wearing tattered clothes and enjoying a cup of tea with him, as if he was some relative of the constable.

“Sir the medical report….come….Samaera murder case” announced another constable while entering in the cabin. Few words were eaten up by the creaky noise of the door.

He tried to stand as soon as possible, but his weight and bulging stomach created problem to bring his centre of mass in the proper position required for standing. “Give me the fucking report. What does it say?” He cracked while snatching the report.

“Sir actually…” he was stopped by another loud cry “Shut up! Let me read. Go and bring a glass of cardamom tea for me. Make sure it’s steaming hot and tell him to put extra sugar. My mind doesn’t work without the sugar rush.” 

The report, which accompanied the post mortem report stated:

The deceased, Ms. Samaera Sahil Kapoor, who died exactly 43 hours from the time of mailing, was identified by her husband Mr. Sahil Kapoor at their residence B-145, Vaikund Life complex, Noida, Sector-72.
The death reason has been identified as the 3-inch thick coarse rope used to strangle her from behind and pulled upward. Her third rib from left bottom is broken in two pieces, which might have banged to something hard while she would have tried escaping the clasp. The nail which was found near the wall stained with blood has been identified as her right hand’s middle finger, which might have broken due to fight back (speculation). Her forehead has a deep cut on the left side where the hairline meets the forehead. The wound in the lower abdomen is created by a two-thronged Swiss knife and it was stabbed multiple times in the same place and looks like a work of a professional (speculation). There is no sign of sexual assault and the deceased vagina has no sign of the wound, but it has been cleaned after the death as there is no trace of urine too. The post mortem cuts have been mentioned in the second report mailed along with this file.

Mishra Ji was reading it aloud so that his favorite constable could listen to it too.

“But Mishra Ji, why the killer used that knife when he had already killed her using that rope? I would have never used it.” interjected the crook with an innocent smile on his face, still sitting on the floor and rocking to and fro.

“You are still here. Narayan take this son of the bitch out of my sight.” Yelled Mishra Ji at the top of his voice. ‘He wanted to ensure she dies, if not by rope then by oozing blood, so that there is no scope of unfinished business.’ He thought to himself and smiled thinking how intelligent he was.


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