Murder Mystery-Chapter 1:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
Disclaimer: This work is totally fictional and has no resemblance with anyone dead or alive. I am trying to write something which I have never tried and I hope you will like it. Please feel free to comment on shortcomings and liking. The title taken is generic because the story will pan out itself and it will be written impulsively.

Water droplets were falling from the tap at a very slow pace, as if they were in no hurry to go into the sink. The silence was deafening and only camera clicks could be heard in an already dim kitchen, having only one source of light, which was also flickering as if crying for being helpless.

The fruit basket was on the floor and the fruits were happily mingling with white pearls. There was an obnoxious smell, so bad that even a rotten vegetable could feel ashamed of. The stains on the otherwise white wall were trying to tell an untold story of fight back. The lush maple wood floor was painted with blood.

She was lying naked on a puddle of blood; face down, completely soaked in the blood of her own. Eyes were open, wearing a dash of mascara, which was spread down to her left cheek. She was too beautiful to be brutally murdered by someone. She was a woman, with whom anyone can fall in love with, even another woman can. More than the blood, her beauty was oozing from her body. The blood looked too blunt in front of her. Her bosoms touched the floor, which despite of great hustle and bustle was cold and uncomfortable.

The area was seized by the police, forensics was there and so was the ambulance to carry the body for post mortem. Every minute detail was taken care of by the forensics. The broken glass lying near the lady was telling a story that she loved wine.

‘But, in between her murder how could she enjoy a glass of wine? Did she know the murderer? Why she is naked?’ thought one of the three forensic experts, while picking up the fingerprint marks from the glass.

Though she was dead, her beauty was attracting him and he felt guilty for feeling that way for her. Her name was Samaera. 


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