Sigma of life

Life was going through rough side both for my broadband service and my twenty four hours. Although partially atheist, I was yelling at god “Please put me on that planet which has more number of hours...please!”
But god was busy with the Euro cup 2012  and by the way ’Who cares about someone like me?’ I thought.
I was getting irritated due to excessive heat at training site and no connection with my friends due to internet service failure.
My nights were going like sand through my fist and my day seemed like longer than a year. Human beings have been programmed to work for their belly and their kin. Although there was no stipend for me during this training but this will eventually add on my resume and hence to my future job and hence to my future perspective and hence training.
One can easily sum of his life in following 11 steps to heaven:
Step 1: Thank god for the perfect mating of your parents.

Step 2: Come out of your mother’s womb after nine months of your parents romantic night. Now you will cry for some time and doctor explain this as ‘lungs and body pores opening’, but the truth is you are already aware of your rough future except if you are born with silver spoon.

Step 3: Even before you start crawling you will be pressurised to walk and then to run as you will be taught that life is a race.

Step 4: You join your school and then immediate pressure of marks otherwise no good stream and you know the trailing part of it.

Step 5: You take your stream and then literally fight for the best college. And then..whoosh Mr. Kapil Sibal comes and say “Score 80 percent and be eligible for IIT otherwise who cares about you all” and then the thought ‘Fuck IIT lets go easy’. You will then observe same condition in medical, commerce and arts.

Step 6: You get into a college where admission is easy and then parents start taunting “You are fucking nothing. How will you survive in this world?” and you have no answer except lowering your head and gazing your brand new converse.

Step 7: You somehow get past that humiliation are just itching to step into your first job when a voice echo inside your body ‘Oh fuck! I need to get married and need to get laid and hence need money. Do hell with the job lets go for higher studies.’

Step 8: You finish your higher studies with lot of efforts and get a high paid job (some lucky ones). You are happy that you will get married with your dream girl/boy or a hot babe/hunk.

Step 9: You get married and as some lucky guys get laid on the first night itself. And then you realize ‘Oh man! No contraceptive...I will become a father/mother!’  but still not sure whether you are happy or not.

Step 10: Now more money will be required for your child’s ice-cream, lollipops etc et etc and you are pressurised to get promotion and get big bucks.

Step 11: After fighting with the world and your wife/husband after being caught with your secretary (naturally, big bucks provide hot secy) you board the flight to heaven. But the cycle continues.....

This is how life goes and this is how it will continue to go. So good luck for the wooden spoon gainers and better luck next time for silver spoon guys and girls...


  1. First of all a great thought process to explain the not as a criticism but as a thought of a different viewpoint,i spotted few missed spots while you were broadening the scale of life.
    - i think a better and narrower way of living the life is : that portion of life which we can control and which we cant.
    -like upto the college till undergraduate(or perhaps post grad.) we are bound to do as is scripted :study,marks,study ,more marks,study,fuck the marks...........
    - but at the verge where we are about to hang studies for life...we become independent persons who have no pressure of d parents(as we hv done enough wid ur capability)
    -we decide everything of wat we wil do wid it=marriage is our choice,job,earnings etc.all things lie in our hands.we can ALWAYS MAKE A BETTTER CHOICE THAN TO REPENT IT AFTERWARDS.
    -a trait we humans hv gradually developed is that we feel ourselves smaller than the situtions we create ourselves.we feel weaker and think we cant do anything about it..!
    - we can always make a choice that ok fine money is important but do we need that much money for which we hv to squeeze our body 24*7.
    - we are the ones who write oir script after24-25yrs of age and we become what we aspire and THE CHOICES WE MAKE AT THE OPPORTUNE MOMENTS.....
    -Gulshan sharma,aiactr.

    1. Ya you are correct buddy but sometimes things can sleep out of your hands or rather you make them slip. Sometimes the opportunity you feel is in your court spins away from you and you cant help but just keep on watching it.
      making choices is in our hand but the result is not..its not compulsory the fruits which good choice give will be sweet always

  2. This one seems to be a totally biased approach, let me put the other side too:
    Step 1: Two of the kind hearts decided to give you a shot at life by luck or by situation
    Step 2: After 9 months of restless night to mother and worrying nights to a father regarding your upbringing you are born, not to forget the sex less life. To make the situation worse you cry, pee and poo
    Step 3: Even before you ask, you are taught the basics required to take you ahead in life as per their understanding regarding failures and success.
    Step 4: You join your school and then immediate pressure to get aware of as much dots as possible.
    Step 5: You take a stream and fight for the best college, although not aware why exactly are you pursuing for it
    Step 6: You get an admission in a college whichever is ready to admit you based on their standards.
    Step 7: You somehow admit to yourself that you are no different, either you start connecting the dots you learn't to make something out of it or follow the already proven way of higher studies to earn more money and get married/laid
    Step 8: You finish your higher studies with lot of efforts or other tricks and get a high paid job (those who may prove as money making machine for others). You are happy that you will get married with your dream girl/boy or a hot babe/hunk.
    Step 9: You get married and get laid on the first night itself. Willy Nilly someday you realize No contraceptive today...I will become a father/mother!’ but still not sure whether you are happy or not.
    Step 10: Now you decide either to open your heart and work your ass off to get promotion and get big bucks sacrificing your own needs teaching your kids not to repeat the mistakes you did or you go rogue and head in a direction which you think is the best.
    Step 11: After fighting against the all odds, you began to get the fruits of everything you did.Either you get lucky with the secretary or you get caught and then you board the flight to heaven counting things you may or may not have done. And the cycle continues.....

    A CHANCE LOST IS A LOST CHANGE you would have expected in your life ;)
    Go grab your's :)

    1. Awesome...that's why I write and leave the things to people to think and you are bang on...and I think I am able to do that..And hence I say a thought lost is a change lost :)


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