The uneducated education system

"Be Vasco Da Gama of your life"
Enjoying holidays is pleasurable, till your body is fatigued by the trauma of examination, early hour study and late night coffee and munching cookies. As soon as this lousy feeling fades away, the actual feeling of- “Man! Why the hell I am on this earth? “, pulls every single strand, and you come to know the time as arrived to work upon the motive of your birth on this already over weighed and over rated earth.
Though still nothing to do in these holidays except watching SRK’s RA.ONE and Don-2. I declared (rather to myself)-it’s time to introspect what all is required to achieve success and recognition in this “hungry for talent” world.
The answer was clear like our holy river Ganges purity and my every nerve yelled in unison-“EDUCATION”.
So, this article is for those who also want a change in this education system, a system which just imparts pressure not knowledge.
Rustling coins in pocket (which are rare to find now), I went to play ground where some kids were playing a crunch nail biting game of cricket. Making sure that I am too mature to play with our younger generation, and checking that who can be next big star of our Indian Cricket team, I decided to sit on a corner bench and enjoy the cloudy morning.
The stomach was full with yet another oil soaked meal and mind was hopping in its shell beeping every second and shaking me to think about this education system.
So here what I realized during the long discussion with my brain and watching that crunch game side by side.
In our country the education institutions has become a business rather than a temple of knowledge. We enroll ourselves to a good school and then for future prospectus good colleges (or can say thrown into them).
Ripping apart the pressure..soar high
What according to you or them is the best way to choose a student of higher standards?
I tell you…
Slogging our life between academic books and little bit exposure to practical, our mind set has become-
“Buddy! Marks are all you need to succeed in your life…so by hook or by crook munch books and score marks. Rest is secondary!”
But a person can score 100 percent marks just my cramming the whole book just before the exam. But is this the definition of knowledge?
As far as oxford dictionary is concerned Knowledge means “An understanding about an subject”.
So, what we require is “UNDERSTANDING”…that’s where our education system lacks. It’s because of this that we are training monkeys rather than humans.
What we require is banishing this chain which has pinned every student to ground. We need to create a place where a person is free from the burden of marks and fly high, where the student can learn, understand, explore, create and in the end reflect his/her learning  through a papers or thesis submission (which is a good rather best part of PHD).
Why the greatest scientist of all time attained glory, surprised others by yelling “EUREKA”. It’s because they were free to explore and learn from their mistakes. That’s what we are lacking.
We need- “Land to blossom, sky to twinkle and water to sparkle, an ecosystem of sophistication…we need change to happen”.
I was still in deep thinking and enjoying the realization, when the unseasoned rain spoilt the game of cricket and pulled my soul back to life. Still not complete, I have to rush to home, sneezing harmonically with the water droplets.
An Idea can change your life
This does not end my consideration towards this subject, but what I need is your point of you…it’s time to unite and think what else can be done in this field to change our education system…


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