The changing meaning

The hectic three week schedule was broken by a national holiday, our Republic day. Just like a small baby; I was eagerly waiting for the parade to start. It was still an hour left before it had to start. I stuffed myself with my daily dose of milk and cornflakes and was fiddling with channels.

A music channel stopped me from playing with remote. Amitabh sir and Dharam Paaji were enjoying their motor cycle stunts and were singing…hmmm… “Ye dosti hum nai todenge…“. A classic song of that time dedicated to friendship in which two friends decide that they will not break up till they die. I was thoroughly enjoying the song with my eyes closed.

The meaning of friendship has changed in last two decades. In my earlier days, I had heard of multiple tales of friendship from my grandfather. He once told me a story of an oyster and a pearl.
It goes like this:

Once a merchant approached an oyster and put an offer in front of him. He said “If you will give me your pearl, I will give you whatever you desire”.
Oyster held pearl’s hand tightly and said “I can’t live without pearl, he is my best friend; he is my life”.
After a long deliberation when it seemed that it’s a waste of time, the merchant yelled at his highest pitch “OK, then I will fetch that pearl with my way.” and went away.
Next three days were quite heavy for them. Merchant came back loaded with detonator. Seeing him oyster quickly engulfed the pearl. Merchant blasted off the oyster. The oyster died in that blast but the pearl remained safe inside him and merchant could not acquire the pearl.
From that day pearl became an intimate part of oyster.

This story inspired me and I imbibed a deeper meaning of friendship. I have made many friends in my life span of 20 years. I fulfilled every commitment irrespective of what I was given back.
Today the meaning has changed; today friendship is like a pen and a refill: “Use and throw”. If someone sees a benefit in that person then they are best of friends otherwise do hell with the friendship. Though still friendship somewhere gasps on a thin line, majorly it has become a profit and loss statement.

This is not a friendship. It’s better to be committed to your foe rather than this kind of friend. Friendship is aloof from profit and loss. It’s a commitment of smile, it’s a pool of laughter, it’s a swing of emotions and it’s a foundation of love.

“Dada have you slept” my sister hissed in my left ear.
I opened my eyes and said with a smile “No was waiting for the parade to start. “
“While watching Katrina Kaif dancing on Chikni Chameli” she chuckled.
I went pink but was still thinking about the changing trend of friendship or say the “Profit and loss” statement.
Where is that era gone where friendship enjoyed the top birth in life train?...


  1. First i want to say,well written,well thought and well drafted.
    I agree with the writer that Today friendship is like a "profit and loss statement" only...
    But luckily i found an exception in my life. I got a pearl and held him for 8 long years...
    We spent wonderful moments together. Enjoyed at every possible place in our own manner. Lived life together as there is no one around. People used to call us "brothers" when they saw us in our own world. No calculations,no formalities and no barriers...
    But the story of pearl and oyster happened here too,just with a little change.
    Merchant placed detonator and pearl felt insecure with oyster. It changed its side and the oyster suffered internal injuries...
    Now it is alive but with a pain inside that why his friend left him alone...
    My question to the writer is
    Are any series of mistakes from any side,during that GOLDEN TIME PERIOD, this much big to end there BOND OF FRIENDSHIP??

    1. dude no idea..your friendship your way.. I won't react on this but can say..if someone crosses every single barrier (as every relation has certain rules and limits) then ya it needs its about you and your friend as I said "Your friendship your way "..
      Thanks and Regards :-)

  2. Sorry...
    But unsatisfied...
    As a writer of this blog,you should suggest and give your opinion on this problem of mine. Not this that its "my friendship my way"
    That i already know my dear friend...
    I thought u have a good knowledge about this complex and super emotional relation,that's why asked you..

    1. i simply disagree !! its a brilliant passage and also expands the topic well !! keep up the work !!

    2. Thanks buddy..
      I seriously want to know your name :)
      I hope sometime or other you will tell


  3. well written !!

    1. Thanks :)
      A reader's support is always required to work hard and stand by his/her expectation :)


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