The sensory censorship:

This year has been an year of upheaval and revolutions whether it was Arab rising, Wall street show down or India’s “non-violent” war against corruption. If we talk about revolution, we have to talk about media and internet, and if media is and internet is there we off course need to yell about the Censorship.
We the people of this mother Earth, can reckon multiple censorship that suppressed the view points of many people in history and are suppressing even today. The rationale of this expurgation has been different starting from moral censorship to corporate censorship, but the one which has always led the pack is political bowdlerization.
China was first to censor intenet
 China was the first country to “establish” censorship act in around 300AD, though the time line also states that Sweden was the first country to abolish each and every kind of restriction whether it was political or moral.
India also witnessed the hardship of censorship at the time of revolution which was blazing at the time of colonial rule. The newspapers were banished from the markets and presses were broken down to suppress any kind of revolt.

Internet Censorship
Though the time has changed since then, the expression of revolution got revolutionized with the advent of World Wide Web, whether its IAC blogs post or the Shiv Sena online journal or the world renowned Anti-Political blog. Then came the fresh arrow in the canopy of government what we call “Internet censorship”. China again led the way with restricting YouTube and few Facebook channels.
New sting in the beehive
Right now our very own IT communication head and HRD minister Mr. Kapil Sibal sir (with due respect) voted himself as the head of Internet censorship board of India and declared his objectives with his old sly smile he always carry with him.
Since the party in control has a threat of upheaval and termination of their reign, they have found a new way to settle the wave of revolution which can bring more harm to the reigning party. As ShrI Kapil Sibal said that he had already talked to few internet companies to obstruct some very obscene and malicious content from the internet, which can undoubtedly harm the decorum of this country. He also added that the internet companies are still prevaricating their requests.
We all know why they are prevaricating J
Please note: Here obscene part is not the porn content prevailing the internet, it’s the articles we the people are posting against the discrepancy generated between them and us.
According to an excerpt Mr. Kapil Sibal will also go through some of the Facebook content which can further spoil the image of the party.
Soon the time will come, when whether it’s a boy’s or girl’s status one of the “like” will be of Kapil Sibal and comment below it displaying :
Like and passed !!
“Nice status Jcan be passed Uncensored!..yeeeieee  J.
I hope this article get published without any restrictions. J


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